Are People You Know Getting Jobs?

Random question, but with the dow climbing and rising employment rate, the people I know are either getting laid off or working for significantly less.

What are your views on the current job market?

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are starting to hire again, although not much for entry level positions.

I’ve noticed a marked increase recently in quality jobs being posted on places like Monster and careerbuilder. I’m talking actual, desirable jobs that pay a good salary.

No one I know has gotten a job. Everyone I know already has a job.

I am in B School, not at a top school but definitely not at a third tier toilet, and I just had 2 interviews today and an offer on friday for summer internships. Everybody is busting serious ass to get hired somewhere, will be interesting to see if they all get placed…

I went from 1-2 interviews a month from May-Sept to 4-5 interviews in Oct-Nov and a job in Dec. Things are still tight but they have loosened considerably.

I can’t find a job.

I graduated college in December and haven’t found a job yet.

Its 50-50 Id say. Some of the people I know already had jobs before the economy got real bad, and have managed to move to better locations/companies/positions, myself included. The people I know who graduated after the economy tanked have been having trouble.

It’s still a mixed market. I would say that there is a surplus of qualified candidates, thus many are applying and accepting jobs that are well below their expectations. This leaves those that are seeking low/entry level jobs at a disadvantage, as those slots are being filled by members from the overqualified pool.

I graduated in April 09. I waited tables through august. I got my first full time gig in february. It sucks balls, but its better than zero. I graduated with honors in geology and economics. Some people i know got screwed, some got lucky. Engineers and nurses havent seemed to have been affected that much. Just from a recent grad perspective.

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
Things are still tight but they have loosened considerably. [/quote]

i suggest kegals

I came back from the Peace Corps with a B.S. Architecture in December. Can’t find any work. Architects aren’t hiring, they’re laying off in fact. Nobody I know has a job in a firm. They’re either back in school, working as 3d modeler and renderers, or working in specialty sales closer to engineering like window frame sales or a good friend of mine started his own stair company with previously made contacts and classmates about 2 months ago and is working on his first bid now that if he gets will bring him in $25k when the project is completed.

I have an application into the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (incomplete application until I improve my run time)
Have applications in to about 13 different universities for Residence Life Coordinator position which is basically the person in charge of running a residence hall. I’ve heard back from one so far saying when they do start interviewing I will be contacted. Hopefully one of them pans out, it would be an ideal job for me that I have a lot of relevant experience with.

ps. If anyone here is in Orlando and wants to hire an extremely hard worker drop me a line and I can send you over my resume.

Airtruth wrote: "… rising employment rate… "

Hope and change, baby. Hope and change.

No employer that is sane would hire new employees with all the new government give-away programs being foisted on employers. It’s too much continuing liability – they don’t work out and you’re on the hook for unemployment and COBRA insurance match for years, now.

The new Democrat tax increases on little guys who own Sonics and the like (the “rich”) make it unprofitable to run a business domestically.

Any employer with the ability and a brain will expand overseas where a government doesn’t hate capitalism.

Hate to say that, but socialism kills small business first, and they are the engine of the USA economy.

Or, rather, they were the engine of the economy.

You’re better off going back to whatever country you were in the Peace Corp in and opening up a bar.

America is dying.

This thread gets tossed into the garbage dump of the PWI forum for the Republican blowhards to curse about Obama in 3, 2, 1…

[quote]Jewbacca wrote:
You’re better off going back to whatever country you were in the Peace Corp in and opening up a bar.
America is dying.[/quote]

Try living in a least developed nation for 2 years and then lets see what you think of America.

I’ve lived all over Africa, South America, Asia, and the parts of the Middle East that don’t openly try to chop my head off.

The USA is heading in the same direction. It always starts the same. I suspect the USA will be more like Greece, though, living off the corpse of its history for a while before turning into Haiti – that’ll take 100 years.

^bit dramatic I think.

Depends on your field… I’ve seen guys get hired for IT related jobs and have helped people get jobs. My sister on the other hand worked operations in a small stock firm. Thats all she’s done for most of her adult life. She can’t seem to find a job to save her life, investment banking is not hiring right now, most banks are trying to find ways to stay alive. I thought she was being lazy and told her if she really wanted a job she could find one, then I decided to help her look one day. I was definitely wrong.

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[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
Things are still tight but they have loosened considerably. [/quote]

i suggest kegals[/quote]

This thread has now improved significantly.

On the bright side, with 1 in 5 Americans out of work (same as the Great Depression), the USA passed out 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, allowing them to work legally in this country. That number represents the fourth highest number of cards issued in one year.

So all you out of work people can have every MORE competition for jobs and lower wages!

Awesome change!

(The logic behind this is to obtain more reliable voters for Hope and Change, BTW. They are not stupid people. Just wait until they get going on amnesty; you’ll be a permanent serf.)