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Are People Still Interested in This?


So, sometime around 1925 I promised to make a thread about training routines/systems/methods I've found useful out of the fucking ocean of the things out there.

There aren't really THAT many (surprise), and this is all ultimately stuff for guys who want to get big and strong and are willing to eat for that etc (and have enough brain cells to figure out how to adjust things to keep progressing/not getting flat-out fat etc)... Lots of things for beginners (90% of T-Nation) and intermediates (8% of T-Nation) especially...


This feels like work. That's bad.

Also, if you feel that no drug-free trainee (or no trainee at all) should eat 1.5-2 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight... That lifting big doesn't have anything to do with bodybuilding... And that a 405 lb bench is somehow a near-impossible achievement for a natural bodybuilder rather than a stepping stone you fully expect to take after 2-4 (or 5, you long-armed snail) years of serious training... If you'd rather curl the 50's for 4 sets of whatever rather than the 100's for one set... If you have a love affair with C.P. and Lyle MacD and Casey Butt and all those guys... Then this will definitely not be of any interest to you.

So I'd like to know if there are still guys around (well, I know there are, but most of those seem to be fairly well set-up routine and diet wise by now i.e. H4M, Way, Josh, Bug and co) who would be interested in the, well, whatever you call it, Powerbuilding? -approach.


What's your take on FST-7?

Ramble as much as you can, please.



I would definitely read it, however that's asking a lot of you. At this point I really only have specific questions which I would just ask you directly and save you from writing 9000 pages on here, haha.

Up to you though CC! I'm sure plenty of people here would benefit.


Anything you got to say I'd take a read through though at the moment I've got a program I'd like to use for a good while but I'd rather read whatever you got to say than any of the articles.


CC, a thread like that would be greatly appreciated by me and everyone else


I'd be very interested. If you wouldn't mind.



You are setting yourself up for over 900,000 questions about the minutia. But if you're down, I would totally lurk the shit out of the thread.


I'd be interested in what you have to say. Thanks for the offer.


Thanks for including me in that list a-hole!

Nah I'd read anything you'd write <3

Does seem like a lot of effort though and I think a lot of people won't appreciate it as much as they should.


That would be awesome - I would be extremely interested in reading your take on "powerbuilding"


Sounds all well and good, but sometimes I need a translation of your germanic writing :wink:

Silly question, but isn't your monster of a training thread essentially this anyway?


Hahaha, I was just giving a few examples. You def. belong there as well.

I think I'll just do it in several installments... Maybe one on general thoughts/principles, then one for each general system/approach... We'll see. If interest fades I can just stop posting more.

I'll try to get one done for tomorrow...


I doubt that there'll be anything new in there for you... It's all going to be fairly simple (imo) and somewhat traditional stuff. Thanks for expressing your interest though!


i'd do ya.

...i mean i'd read it.


It'd be like "CC's thought of the week/month/year". I'll be following...

..if you post videos of your 9000lbs CG bench. :wink:


Count me in!


Not sure if this would be included in said thread, but do you happen to have a good arm specialization program lying around C_C?


I would ask you some specific questions but I've been having trouble eating properly due to stress and time constraints, once I get back on track with the basic stuff I'll be very interested in some powerbuilding ideas.


x2. Very interested but not if takes up a lot of your time away from r/l. You're very helpful and you do it in a nice way.


I will keep training natural until my progress becomes relatively slow and I have the money to "prepare" for a show, I also want to touch that 405 without touching something else, so I'm in.