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Are People Here Not Trying Very Hard?


I only started training two months ago, just after turning 20 years old, and when I started I weighed 205lbs @ 6ft tall with 17 inch arms, after two months i'm already up to 224lbs with 18inch arms, and body fat level about the same --- which is slightly fat, but I never seem to get obese, my level of fat seems to stay pretty constant no matter how much shit I eat.

After two months of training my lifts are
Deadlift 520lbs
Bench Press 280lbs
Squat 450lbs
Leg Press >1000lbs
Overhead Press 200lbs
Bicep Curl 170lbs
Dumbell Curls 64lbs for 6-10 reps each arm

I think I may be helped by having a gigantic frame, both my wrists measure over 8inches and my right wrist is 8.5 inches. Both of my ankles are also comfortably over 12 inches around, and my hip/pelvis structure for a man is also incredibly broad. (more like what you'd expect on a female actually) My actual waist only measures 34 but I have to wear 38pants simply because of my abnormal hip structure.

I appreciate that my arms are pretty much the definition of "fatceps" however my ambition is simply to increase my weight as fast as possible up towards 300lbs without getting much "fatter" than I am right now. Only then will I think about "cutting" whilst taking advantage of whatever strength gains go along with that weight gain.

Anyway my question is, am I blessed? Or are all these guys here with 1000's of posts and yet only 14/15/16 inch arms lazy as fuck and not trying very hard?


with measuring tape.

My measurements are

Shoulders 61inch
Chest 53inch
waist 34/35 inch
Hip 43inch
Arms 18inch
Calves 17inch
Ankle 12.5 Inch
Wrist 8.5inch
Forearm 13.5 inch --- weak point


with tape


You're gonna have to post a vid of those "lifts" after 2 months of training.


Ya i'd like to see that as well. Ain't no way you're hitting 15 pullups with that soft looking frame.


you'll be fuckin awesome...

you'll be freak...

...but without vids NOW you're just another-fucking-crazy-troll


Why do you make that face... eh nvm.


So are you looking for praise? Or attention?

Let's see some videos.

Did you play football or some other sport in highschool where they trained for strength?


I've got a camera with video function, I can get some vids tomorrow for you all.


No i'm in the UK. I only started going to the gym a couple of months ago, because the property that i've moved into is literally a one minute walk away from a gym, which has a pretty nice setup.

I've been reading this site for most of the last two months.


1) You started out with a strong base so yes maybe a little blessed.

2) What were your starting maxes two months ago?

3) You put an inch on your arms in two months, good work.

2) Vids of 450lb squat and 170lb curl please!

A bit of truth there I think, but also lots of guys rockin those 16 inch arms started with 12's...


I'm glad you have so much free time that you can troll around and post ignorant shit.

BTW, your ugly, fat, and prolly hung like a toddler. Get a life.


At first my lifts were a little low. But I think that was just because it was something totally new to me. I think the first time I benched I could only do about 180lbs but after only a could of weeks I could hit 220 +

Same with the other lifts, it actually took me a fortnight or so for my body to sort of get actually "used" to the movements, and since then my strength has been exploding.

I do seem to be a lot better at pulling as opposed to pushing movements though, whether that is to do with being slightly over 6ft I don't know.


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I know this is a total troll post, but I'll bite just in case.

Who cares if other people are trying hard or not, you look like shit.



Well, the truth is, many here don't try hard enough.


My brother is 6' tall and about 220lbs. His arms are 17.5/18" and they look a hell of a lot bigger than yours (to be honest, even though 18" doesn't always look big on a taller person, my bro looks pretty beastly). To be brutal (and I often feel bad doing this), while your lifts are questionable simply because most newer trainers think they're lifting correctly but aren't, your image, however, isn't questionable at all...

You look like you barely train at all. If your intention was to show off a bit and brag that you are one of the few people who even try hard,... maybe you should try a little harder before coming across with such an unwarranted ego. Most of the time, people who fail to achieve results are mis/unimformed, or just confused. To say that most people don't train hard is just insulting.



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