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Are Peanuts Good?


So i know about the nutrient values of peanuts but i was wondering are they really good? I mean should i eat them? Because i just heard a doctor say that they will turn in to fat,no matter how much i work out!


your doctor is a dick - peanuts contain loads of great nutrients. They're naturally high in mono-unsatrated fats as well as some poly omega 3's. they also contain a suprisingly high amount of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. So yes, they're good, and as for the putting on fat, well if you eat a pound of them a day then yes, but a handful now and again isnt going to puff you out like the michelin man...


Either your doctor was trolling you or you are trolling us.


why would i be trolling about peanuts? :stuck_out_tongue: anyway the doc i cock i got it :smiley:


I think theyre delicious.


Not if you are allergic.



Peanuts carry with them the same downside as any legume.


They can also harbor an aflatoxin containing mold. Aflatoxin has been linked to liver cancer. IMO tree nuts are better for you. But... peanuts are rather tasty.


I agree. Especially when they are crushed, mixed with oil, and spread out bread.


almond is better


Those are fighting words