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Are Pause Bench & Pause Squats Still Recommend?

They are recommended in Beyond but not in Forever? Foes Jim still recommend them for supplemental work? Thanks.

They’re an option, yeah. Just establish an appropriate TM.

Just use them as an anchor?

No: as supplemental work. Anchors aren’t about specific exercise, but about how you program those exercises.

I meant, should i only use them during an anchor phase?

Right, and what I’m saying is that the anchor phase isn’t about what supplemental exercises you use: it’s about how you program them.

I would supplement the pause squats and pause bench on the leader phases (2-3 cycles). Then switch back to your main movements on your anchor.

For example:
Squat: 5’s PRO
Pause squats: 5x5 FSL

Or if you want to totally replace the squat with pause squats that’s up to you.