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Are Oral Steroids Really That Bad?


Hi I am new to this so looking for some solid advice. Here is a brief description of my story. I tried my first cycle about a month ago, I bought a lean mass cycle online. I have a phobia of needles but was able to get over in and took the plunge. My first shot went fine (quad) but the PIP I experienced was awful. After the second shot in my other quad I got a rash all round the injection site but decided to man it out and ignore it. Had no problems with my glute injections (using a 1/2" slin pin). So the rash was still all round my other quad and decided to go to the doctor they were concerned about it so gave me antibiotics and managed to talk me out of injecting steroids. I came home in a awful mood and binned the gear I had, regrettably. Now I am wanting to try again but thinking maybe a cycle of oral may be better? I am looking from advice from anyone who has done or is doing oral only as I cant be bothered or have the time to keep going to the doctor every time I am worried about an infection. Also I am thinking I may only do 1 maybe 2 cycles is that really that damaging to the body?


Needles suck but you get used to them after a while… My first cycle was really rough as far as my glutes knotting, swelling, and turning red and itchy. It was pretty miserable. I tried a quad shot and the swelling moved down to my knee and I could not walk. I switched to slin needles and tried the quads again. Now I have zero issues. I have a little bit of swelling when i use stuff with longer esthers, but it doesn’t even bother me. I researched why in the world I was swelling and feeling like shit… The muscles aren’t used to having this foreign oil injected into them… It just takes some time man. I dont even pin the glutes anymore… That shit sucked!

As far as orals… I’m not against them, but you’ll need to run test as a base. I have done a few orals, but never without test. Something like Anavar can kill your test levels so pinning is def needed. Maybe pinning test and running the rest as orals will slowly get your body used to handling the injections. Stick with it man. Some people aren’t bothered at all when they pin, and then some are not so fortunate. I have been through the pain and swelling.

Good luck man!


Thanks for that, do you think running a cycle of just test would be effective?


Much more than just orals.


I have done around 6+ cycles already, when i first started i had the same thoughts, i am also a person that was afraid of needles and blood… now i am not, you get used to it, i remember the first time i pinned i had to lay down after from almost passing out of a panic attack, yea it was that bad.

Anyway, lets get to the point, oral only cycles are not worth it, the most effective way to use aas is pinning, there is nothing else no other way around it do not believe anyone tells you, there are many factors that can determine your experience with gear so you have to be very careful where you get it from and make sure you follow all re-precautions correctly when administering it. Test with High pip usually will give you many of the problems you had also pinning correctly can negate many of the sides you had post pin, for me i have a wonderful fiance who pins for me and she is not afraid of needles and has a very steady hand, i also pinned my quads when she is not available, virtually 0 pain.

Furthermore, oral aas is pretty much useless without a test base,you are 100% bound to shut your natural test production down and have some irreversible sides if you run oral only cycle, you will make gains but also damage your body way more than using injectables , also most of the gains will be gone after 1-2 weeks , it is really not worth it AT ALL.

My opinion, look up a trusted source that has low to no pip injectables and do another cycle with more planning involved, also buy a thinner needle, maybe a 25 or 27 just hold plunger back farther to draw the test faster.


Thanks for that. Really good to be able to speak to people about this. Are you allowed to post sources on here? As that’s the other thing I am worried about. Who can you trust to buy from. Are a lot of the sites online a scam or fake?