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Are Online Sources Too Risky?

Not asking for ANY sources cuz im not a dumbass… well maybe i am because i actually think buying online might be legit? ive read lots of material saying its retarded to buy online but after recent developments to my friends i might be corned into that being my only option… Is buying online possible or just too risky?

o and another note im not some dumbass fourteen yr old newbie i just signed up on T-Nation…ive beeen on bb.com forum for years and am a moderator at another site.

You say your not a “dumbass 14yr old kid” when you clearly wright like one and use childish adjectives. If you were really a mod then you’d also know that steroid forums are not for discussing sources. Yes you can PM people and ask but generally if they havent seen your name before your unlikely to get a reply.


ya i actually do know that source discussion online is a no no but I figured I would take a shot Ive seen SEVERAL forums on here that openly use websites so I didnt know if this place had a diff policy… something about anthony-roberts era or something made it alright? I dont know but whatever if you got any advice for me ill take it if not no worries! = )

this is my first post but I’m not a newb I’m also a member of an other board…
My advice to you is yes it is ok but not 100% safe to order online as long as your overseas source is legit and has a good reputation. I know a good bit of bros on other forum that orther from these online sources…

just look around, go to other boards a few of them have very good legit sponsors (don’t boder with anthony roberts’)