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Are Olympic Weightlifters Athletes?


I thought that title would grab some attention :smiley:

I would call 99.9% of Oly Lifters very athletic...I would argue this girl is the .1% exception.

What do you think?

Her name is Jenna Bussard
At the 2009 USA champs she weighted in at 169kg (371.8 lbs)


how the fuck is she not athletic?? this is the stupidist fucking post ever.


hahahah wow.... i dont even know what to say about that.. she might be able to out lift you ...but if you had to race to the weights then she probably wouldnt stand a chance ....


Yeah I agree, just because you are jealous of her mass doesn't mean you should put her down! People said the same thing about Cutler too much mass and now look at him MR OLYPMIA, shes on the right track!


shes obviously on one of those "clean bulks"


shes an athlete, but how the heck do you live with being THAT disgustingly fat!!!


Haha I knew this thread would casue some outrage, and mixed reviews of course. I might be best to put the term 'athlete' in quotations.

On a serious note, her diet must be horrible. O lifting is very taxing so I am very suprised to see an avid O lifter in that condition.


you make a good point... we all know it is possible to be a strong, powerful athlete and not be fat... or at least that fat.. i cant think of a good excuse to look like that ...


She's a fat fuck, but she is still an athlete. How is she any different from any other Olympic lifter in terms of the SPORT? It's all about the weight lifted, that's it, and she seems to be doing a good job at it.


Never let any chicks sees that picture or they'll never touch a barbell again.


Obviously oly lifting is not an aesthetic sport nor do most athletes care about their appearance; they're judged on the weight the put overhead not what how they look doing it. There are also plenty examples of bean-pole looking lifters who are freakishly strong (ex Taner Sagir or Aleksey Yufkin). There's also plenty of elite weightlifters who look like average joes in street clothes (ex Andrei Aramnau or Ilya Ilin).

It could be argued that athletes are concerned about performance whereas participants in events like bodybuilding are judged by appearance so thus are not athletes :smiley:


That's similar to how I've always thought of it, an athlete is someone who trains their body to achieve a high level of performance in a physical competition. Bodybuilding is an aesthetic competition, not a physical one, so I've never really classified bodybuilders as athletes, despite the fact that the level of hard work and dedication they put into their chosen lifestyle is extremely impressive. I've also always felt that there's a big difference between being "athletic" and being an athlete, but I have a harder time putting that into words.


You know I must say when I see people that look like overweight slobs doing olympic lifting I am usually more impressed. Yea they are overweight but while being overweight they posses excellent explosiveness, flexibility (how many fat people do you know that can touch their toes), and strength. That like seeing a 5'6 tall person dunk, they got a lot going against them yet still manage to succeed.


she outlifts most people on here.. shes an athlete. its like sayin are sumo wrestlers athletes. yes




then my guess is that you're being outlifted by a Non-Athlete Girl

(at around the same age as you, she totalled 212 kg.)

-this doesnt sit well with me so i say she's an athelete


I think Mark Henry should go out with her.


I'm not gonna dispute the athlete/non athlete thing....
But seriously, why? Why the hell would you do that to yourself, in a sport where the outcome can (potentially) depend on body mass? She's one good diet away from her relative strength shooting through the roof.


if you look up from her gut, her face makes you wanna look down again, cause its better by comparison.

I would have to grudgingly admit she is an athlete, because of the training and "conditioning" required to perform oly lifts. No excuse to look like a fat fuck though.


Dunno, wouldn't quite put them in the same boat, though I do agree with you. In sumo weight is a major advantage. In this fine lady's case, while putting herself in a caloric surplus is very beneficial to get her lifts up, turning herself into a fat-fuck probably wasn't necessary and probably detrimental to her health after her lifting career.
Then again, Rezazadeh, Alexeev, hell most well known super-heavies are 'fat' as well, and we never question whether their athletes.