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Are 'Neural Adaptations' Only Exercise Related or Rep Range as Well?

Currently been reading through the following article ( https://www.t-nation.com/training/biggest-training-lie ) and about neural adaptations when starting a new routine. My question is, are neural adaptations only in regards to a specific exercise/movement, or do they have relevance to rep ranges as well?

Based on what is said in the article, neural adaptations can occur for around 4 weeks before they stop, therefore it’s not a good idea to switch exercises before that point, which is understandable. But does this also mean that a specific rep range should be used for at least 4 weeks? I only ask as I’m currently reading up on periodization, and see that rep ranges are altered throughout a periodized routine. If I were to periodize my training and change rep ranges after a certain amount of time, should I be concerned about neural adaptations, or are they only relevant to the exercise/movement?

For example, having a routine consisting of 4 specific blocks, with each block lasting 2 weeks… Block 1 (6 reps), Block 2 (8 reps), Block 3 (10 reps), Block 4 (12 reps). Rep range numbers are not exact here, but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from. Would 2 weeks be enough time to see ANY kind of progress from that specific rep range? That’s why I thought about the neural adaptation issue, as if they DO relate to rep ranges as well, I can see how it’d cause an issue with each block only lasting 2 weeks.

Thank you.