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Are my testosterone levels normal?




Also, would kind of blood test should I ask for if I want to receive a full, comprehensive report on my health? I would post the results here obviously.


The testim could have still been influencing your T levels. It could have kept them higher (doubtful) or it could have suppressed your LH/FSH and made them lower (more likely). Or it could have had no effect.

You need to get them taken again without the use of exogenous T.

There is also a sticky that lists the blood tests you should get if you have insurance and a full panel to dig into.


Okay, ignoring the fact that Testim may have altered my testosterone levels, are they still normal for an 18 year old kid in the prime of his life. Shouldn't they be near 1000?


They are probably on the lower end...I would look into lifestyle changes that you could make in order to raise them anturally...also supplements such a tribulus and Alpha Male seem to work pretty well for guys in your situation. Controlling estrogen also has a positive impact on T levels (Rez-V, losing fat, etc.)

Since you seemed to react positively to the exogenous T, this could mean you are meant to have higher levels. See what you can accomplish naturally first--you will have about a 0% chance of finding a doctor that will put an 18 year old dude on TRT with T levels in the 500's.

Are you saying you got stretch marks on your armpits and groin after one week on the gel? I find that rather hard to believe.






I have no idea, but I think resigning yourself to a lifetime of TRT is rather stupid, especially the steps you are taking to deceive your doctor to get there.




Exactly the above. You are going about it the wrong way especially at 19. TRT last resort not first resort.

But it is your life at the end of the day, do as you feel best.


I've had time to think on this more...you don't even know if you are primary or secondary, haven't ruled out other issues such as thyroid disorders, hypcoadrenia, viruses, and other maladies. There are tons of things that could explain your symptoms outside of Low T (or even be causing your T to be low temporarily).

You need to get the blood tests in the blood test sticky and you need to not game it--it needs to be an accurate baseline.

But as iroc says, its your life