Are My Test Levels Normal/Low/High?

Just got an email from my GP with results, he claims they’re normal.

I’m 19-years old.

It is reported in the SI (international scientific) values of mmol/l.
Your total is 17.4. Your free testosterone is 394 and bioavailable 9.47

Are these normal?

Normal just means the values are within the normal reference ranges for a hormone. Has nothing to do with the subjective quality of how you feel physically at whatever level you’re at. Technically you may be WNL (within normal limits) but be too low or too high in the range and feel like crap. Doctors generally only care that a lab test shows you’re in the normal range- it’s a case of black and white.

Only very astute, experienced doctors who care about quality of life issues, such as how you’re feeling, will consider the “gray” areas beyond what’s on the lab report. The real question is why a 19 year old would be on the low side of a range at 19 if you’re experiencing problems. That’s a long-winded non-answer answer. Do you feel “normal”? Or are you experiencing problems with libido, stamina, strength, weight?

Convert lab units here:

Please convert and post.

Do you have other test results?