Are My T Levels Low Enough to Start TRT?

I’m 31 and have been approved by an hrt clinic to get on trt I’ve been feeling really tired low energy and feeling very weak in the gym so I got blood work but it looks im in the normal range but according the the clinic I could benefit from it they have mailed me everything I need to get started my question is based on my blood work am I too young to get on it I have messed around with sarms lgd stacked with s23 few years ago and tried a month of of test cycle but quit 1 month in so I know my test levels aren’t probably what they used to be I know this is a life long commitment I’m mostly just worried about my anxiety and acne getting worste I really feel like shit at work every morning so tired don’t wanna be there no motivation sex drive isn’t bad just not what it used to be

The question of whether your testosterone is low enough to warrant TRT is impossible to answer because of incomplete testing, no Free T was measured, the active portion of testosterone, you only measured the inactive portion.

These labs are what was the clinic sent me to get I’m not sure why they didn’t take free testoerone into consideration

I would be weary of any clinic or doctor offering TRT with incomplete testing, if either says their in it for the money or they are clueless. Let’s say your Free T is at the top of the reference ranges because your SHBG is low, that changes things.

Are you taking any medications for your anxiety?

I’ve really been doing good at managing it naturally I get panic attacks once in a while since the pandemic but I’ve been doing pretty good without any medications I was really looking forward to getting on trt now I’m not sure what to do I got a little taste of how good I felt on the sarms but didn’t like the suppression now I’m not sure what to do definitely don’t wanna do those again

Should I get more blood work before I try to get on trt ?I mean what could really do wrong on 100mg a week of test cypionate

Yes I do.

Well if you don’t need it, there’s a slim chance you will never return to baseline fertility wise.