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Are My Squat And DL Numbers Odd?

Alright, here’s the thing.

I think my squat and deadlift numbers are odd.

My squat 1RM is 200kg, my deadlift is 215kg. That was a while ago.

Now my squat improved, but my deadlift kinda went downhill. On my current cycle of 5/3/1 I deadlifted 157,5kg for 12 reps, while 8 months back that was 167,5kg for the same amount of reps.

Anyway, why does my squat improve and my deadlift doesn’t? Is it weird to have a better squat than deadlift?

I’m 2,01m and weigh in at around 125kg, if that helps.

Thanks for your help.

Thats fine.

What does your training look like? Maybe you have been doing something that works for your squat but not your deadlift.

Deadlift looks a little odd. Squat looks very even.

It had to be done people!!!


I’m doing 5/3/1 at the moment. I’ve been doing the original one for about 3 years now, and just started God Is A Beast a couple of weeks ago. Been switiching accesoiries(?) here and there, but nothing too crazy.

Will start the Ben Pollack Offseason Program soon though.

I don’t think you understand my question. Other than the standard 5/3/1 sets and reps, what else are you doing?

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Accesoiries in a push- pull- and legs-category. One excersice in each category per day, for 25-50 reps. I’ve switched alot in the years, so I can’t name them all.

As far as accessory movements you need to stick with them for 6 weeks or so and evaluate. Change what worked, trash what didn’t. For example I know DB extensions, floor press, and 2 board press drive my bench. Extra Squat volume and DB rows drive my deadlift. So I pretty much keep those in some form all the time. But also could be a form issue. Have you changed stances or something similar lately? You may just have better levers for squatting or you might have just had a bad day.

Good tip. I’ve kept track of all my workouts for the past years, so I’ll definatly check that.