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Are My Numbers Good?


Currently at 405/300/515. Been training about 10 months now. I compete in the 242 class. Be honest, are my numbers good for how long I've been lifting??


Yes, those lifts are really good all things considered but obviously at your size they could be better. Our lifts are pretty similar in fact. How tall are you?


Don't worry about if they're good or not unless you're competing. Just keep on training and hopefully find a meet and then see how you really match up.


I have competed already. I did a meet march 26th and am doing another may 21st. First was a small meet and came in second in my weight class. I really wanna cut down to 225 and compete there but it's impossible for me to lose weight.


@spar4tee: I'm about 5'10-5'11. Really long limbs. I hate it lol.


What has been your technique in the past to lose weight? I have heart from a lot of people that ate really terrible and did no exercise that it was "impossible" for them to lose weight. At the same time I have heard from a lot of people that it is "impossible" for them to gain weight. Tell us some weight loss techniques you have tried.


@jsmiley07: yea I know what you mean. I hate people like that. "omg I can't cut weight" (as they're eating ice cream/junk food). Basically what i do is low carb except for breakfast and lunch, and obviously I take in more carbs on my heavy days. training wise, HIIT, bb complexes and light cardio like walking or the bike. Its just hard for me to always eat clean because I need a full meal every 1-1.5 hours.


Okay, you are little taller than I am. My leverages are pretty even across the board so I don't really have any lifts that are relatively strong I would say. What are your goals for your next meet?


Are you looking more towards a recomp or more of a pure cut? Recomp takes longer definitely but it is also a lot easier to build muscle and strength.


Don't know what you mean by recomp but I mean I don't wanna have abs lol. I just wanna slim down a little. I'm at like 250 right now so I'm pretty over where I need to be for the next meet. Any cutting tips anyone??


What are your numbers?? And next meet probably 415/315/525


Brink I am 6 ft. approx. 240-250. Have long arms to. I have no trouble gaining weight. Getting to 250 was easy and I didn't overeat, etc. I'm sure getting to 260 would be more difficult. Losing weight would probably mean for guys like us a long term plan. Not knowing what your training looks like I would think if you reduce volume while trying to cut and increasing cardio would be needed. I know I can't loose weight when my training volume is high.

Decrease calories while keeping Protein at same level. Carbs pre and post.
Increased cardio. Fasted cardio in the morning.

Losing weight is just like anything else. It takes hard work and discipline and especially comittment.


Sounds like you're making a lot of excuses in regards to your nutrition. You don't HAVE to eat every 1.5 hours. Hell my first meal of the day is 4 PM and I'm up at 6 AM every morning. Stop making excuses, eat clean, drop the weight, and be competitive in the lower weight class. As far as your lifts go, they're not bad considering how long you've been training. Definitely could be better and you'll be more competitive in a lower weight class but that'll come in time.


I'm not making excuses. Obviously you don't eat enough if you go 14 hours without eating.


I compete in the 181 class and have bigger lifts than you and am sub 10% bodyfat year round. I still get in around 3500-4k calories in my 6 hour window and have pushed it up to as much as 6k if I need to. Read up about intermittent fasting. Obviously you eat too much.

I've gone the 6 meals a day route before and the 5-6k calories a day when I was bigger and still found it easy enough to prepare my meals and keep it clean. You either do what you need to do, or you don't. It's as simple as that.


Don't have anything to contribute (sorry) but are those your raw lifts or IPF-lifts?


My first meet I competed in apa. And completely raw. I only use wrist wraps occasionally.


@LiquidMercury: I would hope they're bigger than mine. You've been training for 10 years. I'm not making excuses or whining, I'm gonna cut down regardless and compete in the lower weight class until I eventually get on gear when I'm like 25. But what are your numbers mercury? And do you lift raw or geared?


I lift raw, my numbers are 475/295/550. When you say get on gear when you're 25 do you mean use gear as in steroids or gear as in single/multi ply gear?

My powerlifting training has only been going on for about a year. Although I've been training for 10 years it was extremely unbalanced and extremely high rep type stuff (competitive rower previously focusing on muscular endurance). In the last year or so my total has gone up by about 300 lbs simply by training like a powerlifter instead of a rower.

As far as nutrition goes, like I said if you're having trouble cutting weight you're simply eating too much. Personally I've found that intermittent fasting has worked great for me while maintaining strength (came down from 215 or so) and takes having to eat so many times a day out of the equation.


Do you feel like the experience with rowing gave you a strong base to begin powerlifting?