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Are My Needles and Syringes Compatible?

I have Luer slip tip syringes, the needles I’m getting say they are “Luer lock”, does this mean it’ll only work with Luer lock syringes?

Sorry, I wrote a response without understanding your question and it was confusing. So I’ll try again.

Get luer lock syringes and needles. Slip tip is a different kind of syringe and I don’t know if it’s fully compatible. You want matching styles. BD makes the most popular (and therefore easiest to find) versions. Because you got slip tip syringes—which won’t work with your needles—you’re not totally screwed. Amazon sells syringes. The needles aren’t on Amazon. But you don’t need needles, so you should be able to get the proper syringes right away.

So I had both Luer lock and Luer slip on syringes, and all needles worked on both of them.

Good to know. I was under the impression that slip tip fit differently. Learn something new.