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Are My Muscles Done Growing


I have worked out for 4 yrs straight. I am not getting the same results that I was. I have switched workouts and have tried I think everything except certain supplements. I dont want to result to testosterone or steroids. What should i do?


Give up.


How is your diet?
Realy, to acurately asses what is next, we would need to know what you have done thus far. That would include diet, exercise programs, durations, etc. Anything that you can think of as a factor and some things like that wouldn't seem to be like- work, drug use, sleep habits. Not to pry or anything, but it's hard to say with as little as you have provided. Just in case you are wondering about continuous growth- I'm 33 and have gained on 13 lbs. of (a good bit) of muscle in the past couple of years, and still gaining. A lot of others have done even better.


Doubt it.

Need more info than this though. You pretty much gave us nothing.

Put any and all info you can think of in the next reply. Including whether or not you have a hot 18 year-old sister.


The only thing I could say to you that increse the weight. More weight, less reps. Try deadlifts, light weights at frist then start lifting heavy, i mean heavy. When people lift light weights. they are just doing nothing for them. they think it gives you cut, that bullshit


I agree. There is clearly nothing else you can do. I mean, I usually increase my food intake and lift heavier weights and I grow more...but you are obviously different than the rest of us. May I suggest sport-fishing?


hey you replied to my message earlier. i just realized it is vague. but do you think it is the diet. Heres my work out routine the days i workout are tues, thurs, fri, and sat. my diet is healthy i guess not a very high protein diet though i dont do the low carb diet. unless i should? i always lift heavy.
after i finish 5 or 3 sets i do maxes of that worko out just to see if there are any improvments. there are improvements i just dont see them. like today i went from 170 to 205 after a week break(vacation)in one work out. i am taking no-xplode, protein and multi vitamins. i just feel as though im not getting the results. do you think im doin everything right? if you have any ideas please let me know....


TAKE A BREAK! take a week or two off, then start again.


He just wrote that he just took a week off. What is the deal with you all trying to get people to stop lifting?

Yes, it is probably your diet. Not only that, but "maxes" have no use outside of powerlifting. It is a little hard to tell just how turned around you are, but it seems you put very little focus on your food intake. Muscle doesn't grow out of thin air. If you aren't eating enough to gain, where will it come from?


What would Kurt Cobane do..... JK.

Try working out "compound" muscle groups three times a week. You can use either a 5 rep, 5 set routine or an 8 rep, 4 set routine. Whichever routine you adopt allow for a 12 - 15 rep warm-up preceding the muscle group's stimulation. All sets should be heavy weight leading to failure on the last couple of sets. (I mean failure bitch)! If you're pushing your 4th or 5th set and saying, "Wow, that wasn't that bad", you're cheating yourself and might as well go home and jerk-off in the corner taking out your frustrations of; why is "The World" treating me so bad....?!?!

Moving on....

Example of routines:

Monday (Chest; Incline, Flat, Decline, Cable Crossovers)

Tuesday -BREAK-

Wednesday (Back; Pull-downs, Rows, Dead-lift, Good Mornings)

Thursday -BREAK-

Friday (Legs; Squats, Lunges, 100 Meter Sprints?at least 4 laps sprinting and not jogging circles inside a mall

Saturday -BREAK-
Sunday -BREAK-

Compound movements will stimulate incorporated muscle growth from corresponding groups. The 4 day break each week will further add in recover allowing huge strength gains.

And I wouldn't worry yourself too much about doing cardio for that is what a healthy sex-life provides. Anyway, eating right at least 5 times a day and staying away from saturated fats, simple carbs, and sugars, will be your fuel for burning fat and putting on muscle! Don't forget to eat lots of complex carbs, protein, and good fats!!! There are tons of articles about proper nutrition timing, on this site, that are very easy to navigate. I suggest looking into them if you want to have an upper-hand in this category. :wink:

And remember this! If you're hungry, eat! If you can't seem to get full, eat some more!!! After a month of this you should be satisfied by the muscle/strength gains you'll make.



sounds like your not planning or monitoring your diet/training...

learn, plan and apply

Find a good routine designed by a compitent individual (like an one of the hundreds available on this site) or read the articles on this site until you think your eyes are going to bleed and you know enough to design and plan a decent training cycle. Do the same with your diet.

Log your diet and training, as you progess (or don't progress) look over your logs and use your newfound knowledge from reading till your eyes bled to change what needs to be changed to get your progress going the right way.


It definitely seems like you aren't putting nearly enough focus on your diet because you only gave us one sentence which said you sorta kinda eat well. If you're looking to gain look at Berardi's Massive Eating Reloaded articles...I've had great results when following this plan.


Maybe I missed it, but what exercise is this describing. No way if you have been working out for 4 straight years that that 205 should stand for anything besides 1 pinkie plate raise or something. Not to put you down, but just to suggest that maybe you have had your workout ideas all screwed up all this year and have room for A LOT MORE growth (there, thats an optimistic and nice way to put it). If that stands for any of the big three movements (squat, bench or deadlift) you have room to grow.

Again, this isnt meant as a slight against you, because anyone putting in any effort is worth commendation, but im just suggesting get your crap in order and you might have room for a ton of growth.


I'm with Professor X on this. Most people are giving there muscles plenty of stimulation to grow in the weight room but are just not eating enough.

We really need to see some more detailed stats here about your condition but I am almost 99% certain you have not reached your genetic peak. Give us some more info: Height, weight, bodyfat, major lift poundages, current diet, etc.

Then again, maybe Mentzer was right and we all should be reaching our genetic peak after a year or so of training. You're probably hosed :).


Have you considered squat rack curls? At 155 11% body fat this seems right up your alley.


You must educate yourself.

After four years of lifting, you should be answering other people's basic questions, and instead you are the one asking them.

If you want to gain muscle, then get serious about it. Read up on some mass gaining diets and pick one of the dozens of programs that have been put up for free on this site. There are very few lifters who ever reach a genetic peak, don't even worry about it.

You didn't give much in the way of your training, but you said you did 5x3s; if you're trying to get bigger, 15 reps is not enough reps for a large amount of hypertrophy.


This is what stood out for me as well. Generally, have your rep range between 25-50, or even better, work out what rep range works best for you.