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Are My Levels Sufficient for My Goals?


I have been working out with a PT for about 6 months in order to increase my strength and size. I have always been really weak and at the age of 34 I decided to do something about it. I have been consuming the recommended amount of protein (150g per day), lifting weights 3-4 days a week and consuming extra calories to gain weight. I have gained 18 pounds or so and have definitely noticed strength and size increases. My PT has noticed the improvement however he thought that I should have progressed more rapidly so he advised me to get my T levels checked.

I received my test results yesterday and my total T was 534. The TRT doctor recommended either weekly injections or pellets.

Here are my questions:
1 - Is my current T level holding me back in my weight training goals?
2 - I do not have kids now but definitely want to in a few years. The doctor and I discussed this and I am still confused. If I start therapy, will simply stopping the treatment for a period of time ensure that I am able to have kids?
3 - The pellets appeal to me because it is a one-time insertion every 4-5 months as opposed to weekly injections. I would appreciate any insight for why I would want to choose injections over the pellets.



534 isn't that bad but it's below average for your age. Did he test LH and FSH and free T?

TRT will shrink your nuts and leave you infertile unless you're injecting HCG with it. You might be dependent on it for life,

You might be able to raise you TT with lifestyle changes and supplements. Has the TRT doctor mentioned trying Clomid or Tamoxifen to boost your levels ? A low dose might be what you need to boost your levels without shutting off your own production.


You have gained 18 pounds in 6 months and your trainer doesn't think you are making progress fast enough? Holy crap, send me his number because he must be the greatest trainer of all time!

534 is a fine level for most people. I'm willing to bet it wasn't even taken at the right time (8 am) so your peak is probably even higher.


It was at 11 in the morning.

18 pounds includes some fat gain, no way I gained 18 pounds of muscle, I wish I could do that in 6 months.


I don't have my labs with me, I will have to check.

I will be talking with him more about Clomid and Tamoxifen, thanks for the suggestions.

Since I am already working out, getting a decent amount of sleep and eat a fairly good diet, what other lifestyle changes would you recommend in order to boost my levels naturally?



So your peak levels (which the ranges are based on) are at least 600 (probably closer to 700) and you are still considering TRT because you only gained 18 pounds, with a bit of fat gain (which happens even on guys taking AAS at 2+ grams per week)? I suggest you get your head examined, or at least read a whole lot and find out what you are getting yourself into. If your only symptom is that you aren't Superman after 6 months, your time spent researching TRT would be better spent pursuing life hobbies.