Are My Levels Normal?

Hey guys,

Im a bit confused because a private dr said I have low t and my gp and other people are saying im fine, while again others are saying alot of my hormones need some work.

Age: 26
Height: 173cm, 5’8
weight: 69kg
waist: 32 last time i checked
Have hair all over my legs, some on lower back and butt. gap between stomach and chest has no hair or sides of stomach. can grow a beard. even have some hairs on my penis.

I carry body fat on love handles, pubic area (have a fat pad), chest (nipple area, rest is ok) on lower stomach. Even when lost weight as a teen, i could never get rid of the fat pad and lower stomach fat, even when people thought i was in decent shape.

Ive lost a lot of weight, find it hard to put on muscle, mood swings, feel kinda lifeless. Lose my temper quick, erection strength not good, dissapears after a couple minutes sometimes. none existant after sex but have morning wood some mornings. libido not good. foggy mind and hard to concentrate. Hard to fall asleep. Low energy.

When I was 12 I had a right testicular torsion and again at 13 the other side. I use to be a slim child but grew into a fatty from 6-15. But I never lost the excess fat near my nipples and fat pad in pubic region.

I didnt really think about low testosterone till 2 years after my sports and inguinal hernia operation which was done at 24. After a year of not recovering, my dr said maybe your low test isnt helping your recovery…
I was complaining about all the symptons for about 2 years.

The foggy mind, lake of concentration iv felt like ive had forever.

I was wondering what you guys thought before i pay for anymore dr consultations with different opinions.

total test: 14.2 nmol/l (7.6-31.4)

oestradiol: 60 pmol/l (0.0 - 146)

shgb: 17 nmol/l (17.0 - 66.0)

albumin: 51 g/l (34-50)

LH:6.0 u/l (1.5 - 9.3)

FSH: 1.6 u/l (1.4- 18.1)

Ferritin: 136 ug/l (30-400)

DHT: 0.291 nmol/l (0.323 - 1.637)

Prolactin: 260 mu/l (45-375)

Cortisol: 12pm wake: no time: couldnt do the one when waking up
5pm 3.4 ng/ ml (1.5-15)
9pm 2.1 ng/ml (0.30 - 5.0)
1.30am 2.0 ng/ml (0.20 - 2.5)

DHEA: 140 pg/ml (150-580)

TSH: 3.8 mu/l (0.35 - 5.5)

Free T4: 13.4 pmol/l (9.0 - 21.0)

i dont know anything about ranges. They are given by the gp which dont know anythign about testosterone.
Ive been advised to take an anti estrogran and take a small dose. so it wont effect my own testosterone production. I would like to have babies lol.

Thanks and hope thats more clear.

Thanks guys. I posted earlier.
Hope thats enought information also. Im from the UK and Im 26. i use to train martial arts over 5 hours a day, if i would feel tired i would shrug it off or not think about it. I was eating well and training well. 2 hours bjj, 1 hour conditioning. either swimming or climing and 2 hours kickboxing or something similar. eating and easting between the hours.

Please add the ranges, since a lot of us are used to conventional units. Also, read through the Stickies on the front page, in particular “Lab Work” “Prototype: Advice for New Guys” and “Protocol”.

thanks, will do and update. ill have to find out ranges

Updated. Is that ok?

TSH is high. T4 does not tell us much as so much is protein bound. With T4 that high, test free fT3, fT4 and TSH again. *** Review issues in advice for new guys sticky: iodine, sea salt, iodized salt, body temperature. ***

Supplement DHEA, may need a script for that, 4-5000iu vit-D3, fish oil caps, high potency B-vit and vitamins/minerals WITH iodine, probably 150mcg [micrograms]

What was the 12 noon cortisol, add above.

Your T is middle of the road, too low for your age, but technically not clinically a problem. NHS would not touch that.

DHT is low, it is important for libido.

SHBG is excellent. E2 is good where it is, around 16pg/ml. We mostly see prolactin in the middle of the range, yours is up a little bit. That is the only thing that I can identify that might be acting on your HPTA.

LH is high, but it moves up and down and you may have caught a pulse/peak. FSH is more indicative as it keeps quite steady. FSH=1.6 suggests that your pituitary is not producing enough LH. You could do a hCG challenge, inject for a few days and see where T goes from there. That would demonstrate that your testes are ready to take on the added work. A SERM can also be used, suggest nolvadex, NOT clomid. If that was helpful, you could go on that and not need to inject. Do not do large doses of nolvadex or hCG and do not combine.

You could also lower prolactin with dostinex and see if that increases T. If that happens, your prolactin is causing your lower T.

Your T levels may have been high in your past and you, as an individual, may not be able to thrive on your current T levels, while someone who had that level from the get go might do very well on that. That is individualized medicine and you are in the land of socialized cookie cutters.

You are symptomatic, but hypogonadism, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue have many symptoms in common. Low thyroid can lower LH and T for some.

Two surgeries?
How do you react to stress?
Any time of day when energy drains out of you?
Were you on a starvation diet?
Any blows to the head or whiplash?

Good post KSman.

TSH needs to be down between .5 and 1.7 for T and C to function optimally for athletic populations.