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Are My Levels Low Enough for TRT?

Hey guys i have a question about my testosterone numbers, I’m 32 years old btw. The clinic i went to said i have test levels of a 75 year old lol however when i went to my primary physician he says its in the “normal range”. The clinic prescibed me 100ml of test cypionate once per week i have currently done 2 doses so far.
My Testosterone am (final) is 14.8, ref range is 10.3-29.5
Estradiol (final) is 41, ref range is 200 and below
Free Testosterone is 286.9, ref range 175-700

I have all the symptoms of low T and it is affecting my daily life unfortunately, however im 2 doses in and having second thoughts about the whole thing. are those numbers really low enough to warrant me taking this stuff once a week for the rest of my life? i know the symptoms are there but maybe if i try harder to raise it naturally might be a better option?

I work out 4-6 days a week i eat pretty clean except maybe 1 to 2 days a week.
i am currently taking medication for high blood pressure i have had it since my early 20s

Im just on the fence about this right now and dont want to wait too long before i cant come off of it.
Originally i just wanted to see if it would make a difference. so far not sure if its placebo but i feel more energetic and been waking up completely rested and that never happens and i also use a cpap machine and that hasnt seemed to make as much of a difference as this has. However this was before i knew quitting wasnt really an option and that has kind of scared me into rethinking this whole thing.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

What is your protocol? Are these pre injection numbers? Have you had your thyroid tested? If you can put up complete bloods with ranges and units of measure. CPAP due to apnea or obstructed breathing during sleep (snoring)?

Your levels look fine. Blood work when natural is just a snap shot. Its totally possible your ft hit alot higher at some point during that day you just caught it on a trough. Many factors can effect it. Total t is normal. Estrogen normal.

Yes they are pre injection numbers. I do have sleep apnea been using the machine for 8 years now. The protocal is 100ml of test cyp once a week with an estrogen blocker (Anastrasole).
Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I get back home to give most of the other numbers but I do have thyroid numbers
T3 is 5.2 ref range 3.5-6.5
T4 is 15.1 ref range 9-23
Tsh final is 3.57 ref range .20-4.0.

I’ll post more later on.

Most on 100mg Test do not need an AI. Your TSH is high indicating your thyroid is not keeping up with the demands of your body.

Thanks I appreciate all the info! So you guys agree my testosterone numbers are normal enough to warrant not being on test? And possibly if I get my thyroid close to better numbers maybe the symptoms I’m going through should dissipate?

Symptoms: very low energy, depression/anxiety, libido is pretty much gone, ED… the wife is not to pleased about that lol. Up until about 2 to 3 years ago my libido was Outrageously high my whole life, so it concerns me that it went from sky high to almost 0 within 6 months to a year and been dealing with it ever since. Testies feel smaller than before and way more tender lol they hurt from time to time but the doctor doesnt seem to think it’s anything to look into/worry about. I duno I’m sick of it all. Lol.

Testosterone is low and are at risk for the diseases of aging. I could tell you if twice weekly is optimal I knew your SHBG levels. You are scoring well below the cut off point for cardiovascular disease, men with high normal testosterone has the least cardiovascular events than those in the mid normal ranges.

Your testosterone is in the normal range, for and old man. Your primary physician is an idiot and is not educated enough to determine normal status. He doesn’t read the clinic studies and is just making his assessment based solely on the reference ranges and has no critical thinking or analytical thought and is a robot, “in range is normal” which ends all further thought process.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

These data showed that a testosterone threshold of 440 ng/dL was associated with increased Framingham 10-year CVD risk in middle-aged and elderly men. Poor sexual performance, decreased morning erection, and loss of libido had an impact on the testosterone threshold for CVD risk. The threshold level was higher in men with sexual dysfunction.

You’re not elderly or middle aged and yet you have the levels of an older man. President Trump’s got you beat on testosterone levels, must I remind you he is going to be 73 this year.

Testing is incomplete, no Reverse T3 testing and if elevated would more than help explain high TSH. Free T3 is the main thyroid hormone and if Reverse T3 is high you will see Free T3 blocked at the T3 receptors negating a good portion of Free T3. I feel more than comfortable saying you have a thyroid problem.

Your doctor doesn’t think it’s a problem because his inexperienced and not educated enough if the study above is any indication If your testicles are aching it’s probably do to the fact that aren’t functioning properly and could be do to low LH stimulation. We see a 32 year old with lower than normal testosterone and lower than men in your age group.

If you just started TRT and are noticing benefits, you will continue to see improvements over the next 12 months.


Ok so I’m going to list all of my blood work besides the test and thyroid.

Cortisol am final: 256 ref range 120-620
Ferritin final: 111 ref range 12-30
Albumin final: 45 ref range 35-50
Alt final: 19 ref range <50
Ast final: 15 ref range <40
C-reactive protein. 6 ref range <8.0
Glucose: 4.7 ref range 3.3-6.0
PSA : 0.6 ref range <2.6
Anti-tpo: <10 ref range <50
Hemoglobin A1c: 5.5 ref range 4.3-6.1
Homocysteine total plasma: 10.3 ref range <12.1
Dheas: 7.0 ref range <14.0
Insulin: 90 ref range 35-140
Hgb: 147 ref 135-175
Rbc: 4.94 ref 4.30-6.00
Hct: 0.44 ref 0.41-.52
Mcv: 90 ref 80-100
Mchc: 331 ref 310-360
Rdw: 13.6 ref <15.6
Plt: 270 ref 140-450
Wbc: 6.2 ref 4.0-11.0

I’m going to stop there cuz I dont know how much you guys need to see lol.

Your body is storing lots of iron, would like to at least see a complete iron panel consisting of iron, total iron binding capacity and iron saturation on your next lab testing. It may not be indicative of a problem.

Thanks again for all the info guys! Not sure what to say about trump having higher levels than me though, that kinda hurts im not going to lie Haha.

So now I’m not trying to sound paranoid and this is aside from having to take the injection once a week for the rest of my life. I have been reading that aside from heart attacks and heart disease because trt can prevent that, but trt can cause heart failure?? I’ve read it’s happened to a few people, along with blood clots and stroke?
I already have high blood pressure from a young age, is that cause for concern for anything else underlying that trt might or could clash with?

Sorry I am not so educated with this. Lol.

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Ok I can see if my physician will give me the blood work on that. I’m from Canada alberta not sure if that makes any difference or not.

Is there usually an underlying cause for my body storing more iron? What kind of problems arise from that?
Dont mean to bombard everyone with questions.

I apologize the ref range for ferritin is 12-300 not 30, my mistake. And I’m sitting at 111.

It’s called hemachromatosis. It can cause high blood pressure and organ failure, especially heart failure. If your doc didn’t t least raise an eyebrow at that number I’d be questioning hes credentials. And being in Alberta just means you’re too cold to care part of the year.

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Your so very right about the weather here especially this past February -30 degrees Celsius most of the month.

I just got out of the doctors office,(my reg physicians office)and got a different doc this time for a second opinion, he says all my bloodwork looks fantastic including thyroid and who ever prescribed me trt should be shut down and that he would have never prescribed that to me. Says All my symptoms are mental rather than physical and that I should talk to a psychiatrist.
I knew that’s exactly what would happen. Oh well… thanks for all the great info guys.

What clinic did you go to? I’m looking for a clinic that would prescribe TRT as I’m in the lowest 10% of the range

Here is a list of clinics in Canada

So i decided im just going to go with the treatment, I Just have to ask another question regarding protocol. Im taking Arimidex (E blocker)1mg once per week with test, i was reading that is a high dose and is not needed to be taken at first, can someone elaborate as to when id need to take it? and why its a high dose, and what the side effects could be with such a high dose?

If the man already has heart disease or undiagnosed heart problems, then you need further evaluation by a cardiologists. You’re only 32 and shouldn’t worry about it. TRT has been used for the last 70 years and men on it have shown improved cardiovascular function, a decrease in cardiac events.

Testosterone and the Heart

It’s called clotting disorder and is less than 2% of the population. TRT also doesn’t cause prostate cancer as doctors once believed, no studies have ever proved TRT caused anything other than a benefit.

Studies are showing men with low testosterone get more aggressive prostate cancer compared to men with higher testosterone. Doctors once believed men with low testosterone had protection from prostate cancer and you wonder why TRT is so difficult to get approved for treatment.

Even with all the studies showing benefit, doctors still refuse to accept reality because they have believed TRT is unhealthy for so long.

Testosterone Therapy in Men With Prostate Cancer

Yeah my heart should be good, never had it checked but if it was a concern I’m sure my doc would have checked it out.

Any thoughts on the estrogen blocker?

Estrogen blockers have their place, but if used inappropriately you will have the bones of an ostrich. Most men can manipulate dosing frequencies to get estrogen under control. I only found success lowering estrogen on daily dosing.