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Are my Levels High?

I am new here so I don’t know if this is the right location to post this question but here it goes. So I am 19 years old and I am on the low end of the spectrum for testosterone for guys my age. I started taking a natural booster and I had testing she said that my levels were too high and I could have a heart attack and scary stuff like that. Is this true? Here are my numbers.
Free Before 105.8pg/dL
Free Now 190.3pg/dL

Total Before 366ng/dL
Total Now 687ng/dL

Depending on the lab, the top end of the range is 900 or more, so I wouldn’t worry about being too high. You didn’t even make top end of the range for your age group on that booster.

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In fact, 687 is low for a lot of guys on TRT. It certainly gets nowhere near dangerous. You’re probably more likely to have a heart attack at the low number. Low test has many cardiovascular negatives.

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Your levels are within the reference ranges, higher levels are considered healthier because testosterone is cardioprotective as long as you blood doesn’t turn to sludge, that’s why doctors force men on TRT to donate blood when hematocrit gets to 54 percent, even then we run into the fact that everyone is biochemically unique and have people living at high altitude with high hematocrit.

Studies have shown men with high normal testosterone have the least heart attacks than those in the middle ranges and men with lower than normal testosterone live a lower quality, shorter life. Low testosterone which at 366 ng/dL, you were at risk for many diseases <440 ng/dL.

You didn’t include reference ranges for Free T, so I am unable to determine where much of anything regarding the free portion of testosterone circulating in your blood which is influenced by SHBG. Natural test boosters are fake and any company that makes them are fraudsters, so congratulations on increasing testosterone without the help of anything but hard work.

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Ranges for free are 105-155 of/mL. And I have notice a very big difference when I started taking it.

Not all boosters are ineffective. They are, however, all capable of causing you some endocrine system damage if you’re not careful. Some more than others.

I have noticed some very major changes from taking it.

Is that with Quest? Quest is 35-155 pg/mL for free testosterone. OTC supplements are often laced with low dose anabolic steroids (proprietary blend+*), so they will work.

Regarding boosting testosterone, usually not, but the lab results do not lie.

Testosterone levels fluctuate based on a myriad of factors. A blood test demonstrates the amount of T you’re producting at that particular second (granted generally no amount of shitty lifestyle will send you’re TT to like 1-200 unless you’re abusing opiates, sleeping one hour a night for a week, are obese or drinking seven pints a day for a month)

However it’s possible the T booster works, either way, you’re testosterone levels appear to be what I would call healthy, normal ranges. If you’re feeling good then all is good

If you’re TT was 6870 then I’d say “bad for longevity”… But even then, it’s not an immidiate risk.


Yes the test was with quest. serious About the anabolic steroid part?

That is good then. I have been feeling much better and have been preforming better in the gym.

For god sakes man don’t take that shit. They can royally fuck your system for eternity. I’ve heard so many quality sources saying so. Jay Campbell has a nice video and the docs all said the same. Half the shot in these t boosters are not declared and they have found some with actual anabolics within the t booster ingredients. There is no quality assurance. You have no clue what you are putting into the body and potentially short circuiting.

I also seen guys come here saying they took a bunch of supplements and boosters and increased their shbg and then get fudged because body won’t convert to free t. Totals great but no free tf

Trust me stop it. It’s temporary anyways.

Lolll heart attack … The doc is a fucking idiot . find a new one. You should know that by now.

But my free is pretty high now. I am feeling better than ever as well.

No we are NOT kidding, your supplements are most likely laced with anabolic steroids. Unreal made a good point, no immediate risk but bad for longevity.

You should develop a plan B sooner rather than later because it’s only a matter of time before big brother clamps down on these companies.

TRT will get you similar results without the risk.

Good way to tell if laced would be LH, FSH, lipids etc.

If his supps were laced, the dose would presumably be pretty low in the supplement (yet still enough to give results)

Boron, zinc, magnesium, vit D can all have a large impact on T if you’re deficient. Potentially his supplement contained these products?

Yes. Read the label. Note “Proprietary Blend” with the asterisk and trademark after it. That’s where it is, their secret trademark formula.

I personally know guys who have failed drug tests taking supplements. Granted, I do not live with them 24/7 so they could have been taking something else. However, I believe them and they would have no reason to lie to me, especially as I told them not to take them.

I would have never guessed they would stick in anabolic elements in them. How is that Legal?

It is illegal, but the supplement industry is unregulated and even if they eventually get caught, they will have made a ton of money to deal with any fines or penalties.

As of right now the government doesn’t have the resources to go after all these supplement companies, but that may change since it’s a public health concern.

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instant gratification. It’s temporary. Read what I said. Research it and find sources that are not promoting these boosters and see what they say. Not worth the risk imo.

Did you even research this chemical before you put shit in your body!??? Quick search shows me many articles and videos talking on the negatives of t boosters.