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Are My Goals Sensible?


Hey guys, just a little update and some questions.

I've been working out for awhile now at least 6 months, and although my strength has increased ALOT, I've stayed at around 153-155 lbs.

I was hopefully going to start getting REAL serious about working out this upcoming summer, I was thinking of doing Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards program.

I'm hoping to hit a 235 bench a 385 squat a 185 powerclean and a 200 incline bench. Total adds up to 1005 pounds, just 5 pounds over the 1000 pound club requirements we have at school here, that I would like to be in.

Right now my maxes are 175 bench, 225 squat, 150 powerclean, and a 140 incline.

With the right nutriotion and program are the lifts I mentioned above attainable?

I know the general eatting run through for us skinny guys 1500+ calories a day and lots of sleep. Oatmeal, peanut butter, tuna, and turkey are all at the top of my diet. I also pack turkey sandwiches to take to eat at school between classes.

I am also looking to get a sled and some hefty sandbags so I can train old school outside when it is nice.

If you guys can help direct me I would appreciate it greatly, thanks for the help so far.


1500+ calories a day? If you want to make gains, try tripling that.


1500 calories a day? No, no, no. Double that, at least.

Other than that, those numbers are definitely attainable. WSSB should help you on you way there. Curious that your school uses flat and incline bench when adding up for a total, though...


I think we would need to know some general parameters to answer your question. First, how quickly are you looking to hit those goals? Is this in one year? 6 months? Second, 153-155 lbs. How tall are you? Age?

Also, you lost me a bit on the line of "I know the general eatting run through for us skinny guys 1500+ calories a day and lots of sleep."

Do you mean 1,500 calories above what you normally take or just something above 1,500 calories? Because if all you're taking in is 1,500 calories a day, then that is a SERIOUS limiter for you. The fastest way for you to hit those numbers is to actually put on size. It sounds like you are in high school, so now would be a good time to eat big and grow, unless you have some overly compelling reason not to (it does not sound like there is).

A little more info would help us to help you.


First, I wholeheartedly endorse what folks have said about the calorie intake. And if you are looking to add that much weight to your lifts, you will have to add some bodyfat, especially if you are looking to do this in a limited time frame. You also need to tell us height, age, and some idea of your genetics and lifestyle (Do you gain power and mass easily? What's your body frame like? Do you recover fast from workouts and stress? Do you have other things in your life that will impede your progress, like sports, homework, friends, work, stress?).

From what info you have provided, some of your lift increases some very reasonable, like the power cleans. But I'm concerned about trying to go from a 225 to 385 squat. Even for the very gifted that's a lot of power to gain.

Give people more info and you'll get better advice. And good luck.


Well first off I'm 6'3 and I'm 16.

I'm fairly lean but I get complements from the guys in the weight room alot for being so cut and tone at least my upper body anyway.

I do track right now, and will be doing track up untill the end of school give or take so I think that that might damper my gains a little. I run 100,200 and 4x1.

I want to hit the goals I mentioned somwhere between next October and December so like 7-9 months?

What I ment about the food intake is anything more than 1500 calories and nothing less than 1500 calories. From what I have read I thought 1500-2000 calories would work for what I'm doing, I guess not.

I'm fairly laid back, I like to chill with my friends no smoking, drinking none of that stuff. I love sports, basketball, football, track.

I guess you could call me lanky, but I've packed on alot of mass but am still skinny, for my height at least, if I was 5'8 or 5'9 I'd be as big as a mack truck most likely.

I don't know what my bf% is somehting like 10-11% I'm guessing, I have lots of vasculinity in my arms and all that cool stuff, I actually got asked if I was juicing by one of the strength training coaches at my school while I was working out.

Hope this helps some.


155 at 5'8" would still be pretty small...not like a Mack truck

If you had "packed on alot of mass" you would not be so skinny.

Are you sure the strength training coach was not being ironic?

Read Massive Eating Part I and II (do a search). Do the math in part II to find out your calorie needs. I bet it is over 3000 minimum, probably much higher with your activity.


If you plan to bench 235, you should plan on cleaning more than 185. Seriously, if you're only cleaning 150 now, your clean for reps should be going up every workout. If it isn't, your technique needs work. Eventually the progress slows, but at a 150 clean you should probably be moving up very quickly.


Awesome I looked into the massive eating article and basiclly I have to revamp my entire diet.I have to eat roughly 6000 calories a day. But it's all good, I've got 9 months, and even if I don't get to where I want to be, I think I will make some great gains, thanks alot guys.