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Are My DHEA Levels Optimal?

Hi guys,
I’ve been wondering why TRT hasn’t fully restored my sense of well-being, and my Libido got darastically worse on TRT. After checking my DHEA levels are 2.90 umol/L (2.10-15.10). I’m only 20 years old, Is that low for someone my age? I also have low HCT and MCV levels, could supplementing DHEA 50mg ed be the answer? I’m honestly desperate at this point to regain my libido and motivation and don’t have enough money to continue running expensive blood tests that my insurance wont cover :confused:

Also my labs are fine, and numbers are fine in terms of free testosterone/estrogen. Could my libido and lack of energy be caused by a frequent tweaking of my protocol (I experimented alot the past couple weeks on dosages).


Young men should have high normal levels of DHEA, low DHEA is likely the cause. DHEA serves as a precursor to androgen hormones the hormones that regulate the development and preservation of male characteristics.

Even more so than testosterone, men rely on DHEA to maintain their edge. DHEA is a precursor to androgen hormones, men depend on it to retain their masculinity.

Insurance doesn’t cover much these days, if they stopped being so damn greedy perhaps the health of our entire country would be better.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Should I supplement 50mg of DHEA everyday and see how I feel by the end of the month?

You’re welcome,

50mg recommended dosage for men around the age of 19, it’s is a good place to start.

Low levels of DHEA can cause symptoms including:

Loss of strength and muscle mass
Aching joints
Decreased sex drive
Impaired immune function

We (or at least I) HATE this answer btw. Give us your protocol and relevant labs. It never HURTS.

Yea, tweaking protocols can put you in slump for a few days, depending on what you do.

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Sorry, will remember that next time. My protocol for the past 8 days has been 50mg of Sustanon eod. That is the best protocol because my SHBG is on the lower side and I don’t aromatise alot naturally (my e2 is only 28pg/ml on 175mg per week).My total testosterone hangs around 1,200+ and SHBG is 20 (13-50).However, I would like to note that I feel much better than pre-TRT but I know that It could be way better in terms of my sense of well-being and definitely my sex drive (which is literally non-existant at the emoment)

I have all those symptoms, especially the loss of muscle mass. My muscles look flat and don’t get full in the gym as they used to before, I used to eat a ton of carbs before the gym and have a really good pump. After TRT I can’t replicate the same effect, I just get more tired and weak when I eat for some reason. My body seems to be keeping alot of fat off though.

Hi guys, I did alot of searching yesterday and couldn’t find the cause of why my DHEA levels could be low? I found a couple of sources leading me to believe that TRT could lower DHEA, but it didn’t say to what extent. Also, could it be Adrenal fatigue caused by prolonged stress in my life (I went through abuse and bullying at home/in school when I was younger) and i’ve always been an anxious person up until starting TRT where I feel abit normal again.


Do you have an update? Did you supplement DHEA? I have had problems supplementing it myself.

50mg per day was too much for me. It gave me insomnia. 25mg per day also caused insomnia. Initially starting DHEA seemed to improve libido but oversupplementation can cause problems over time.

My understanding is that aging and stress are the two greatest factors affecting DHEA production. Levels decline with age but you are young… give us an update if you can!

Supplemented DHEA for a 2 months, did not see any noticeable improvements/side effects. Stopped supplementing DHEA. HCG made me feel a lot better though. Started injecting EOD for optimal E2, will try subQ 25mg EOD and see if that gives me better results than 35 mg EOD IM.

What time of day were you taking DHEA?

Have you had any improvement in your libido, moitivation, and muscle mass since starting this thread? Have new complaints surfaced?

You live in the UK?

Libido? Nope. Motivation? Been quite depressed actually, probably from the High estrogen, but it’s just something I’m going to have to deal with until I find my sweet spot. Muscle mass? Hell yes, strength is ridiculous and recovery compared to pre-trt.

Don’t live in the UK, I live in Kuwait.

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