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Are My Blood Levels Normal?

I’m running test 500mg/wk tren 400mg/wk and EQ 600mg/wk. I had my gyno starting to get a little sensitive so to I ran letro at 2.5mg daily and nothing really happened. So I thought it may have been prolactin. So instead of playing to many guessing games I got bloods done yesterday. Results were for estradiol is 24 and my prolactin is a 7.5. They seem pretty normal but is it possible me running letro it could have gaven elevated numbers? Or should I be fine to come off my AIs and not start caber? Thanks in advance!

Reference range for prolactin? 7.5 doesn’t mean anything without the reference.

2-18 for prolactin which is right under the middle so should be normal. And estradiol is < OR = 39 so I’m guessing I’m good on that as well.

With that number I would say don’t mess with caber. Are you still getting gyno issues at this time? If so then you may want to look into getting Nolva or Ralox. SERMs are very good at preventing gyno from e2. I’m shocked your e2 is even in double digits after taking letro. That stuff is notoriously strong.

I’m just getting sensitivity like rawness on the right one and light soreness. I have nolva but from readearch you don’t want to run nolva with tren because they both inhibit progestin/prolactin sides.
I know I’m a bit confused. I used dragon pharma product which I’ve used for years so I know it’s okay stuff. Or maybe my estradiol was just through the roof and that’s what I got it down to lol

Based on the numbers you really shouldn’t be having these issues, right? Clinically you’re not out of range for either e2 or prolactin. So it’s weird that you’re still getting the sensitivity and what could be early stages of gyno. I’m stumped.

I’m pretty stumped as well. Maybe letro isn’t such a killer on me because I’m so e sensitive? I don’t know. So now one would assume to stick with what I’m doing if it’s keeping it in normal ranges? But 2.5mg ED of letro is not plausible