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Are My Blood Levels Fluctuating?

Alright guy I’m on about day 8 of my first cycle… I’ve being mentored on the topic by some amateur competitors. Still I want to admit it was nothing short of careless that I didn’t do more research myself.

My main question is in regards to Test Prop… Okay I’m doing 250 ml injections Tuesday and Saturdays… as of the recommendation of my peers. I’m also doing 200 ml anavar those days… loading them together. (maybe I’m listing the wrong dosage)

At any rate I was doing a bit more research and found that most people pin Prop more frequently than this… for the blood level stability. Is it safe to pin prop twice a week? Or am I doing something wrong?

Honestly I feel a bit lethargic. Its hard for me to gauge how much is based on this substance because I started a new contract for my job and have been in a much more labor intensive job. Perhaps I’m slightly overtrained… I also went from a pretty raggid powerlifters diet… basically eating whatever to eating 7 egg whites and oatmeal… and lean meat and sweet potatos… basically exclusively… I get chipotle after leg days though… (that’s our secret though) Also after being a long time marijuana user I dropped the substance to really prioritize my life and what I hope to achieve off this cycle.

Basically I’m trying to pinpoint the source of why I feel this way… I mean I’ve felt this same way numerous times off cycle but after the information I’ve come to find… I think it would be stupid not to ask you fellas and gain a little more intelligence. Is pinning only twice a week 250ml of Test prop going to cause any issues? as opposed to something more consistent.

I’m 24 years old… and have been in the weightlifting community since around 12. I was a competitor in various competitions… I know my stuff… but I don’t know my chemicals.

yeah, you should really be pinning your prop every couple of days. You could get away with 3x a week (you’re not supposed to but you can), but every other day is the more sensible way.

Also 200mg anavar twice a week is beyond retarded. Run it at 50 - 100mg every day.

Lmao, good lord you really butchered this ‘cycle’, oh and your peers are Fucking morons

Well I want to state the guy I consulted with today is an IFBB professional bodybuilder… I’m going to hold his advice to a higher standard than I will yours. He assured me that pinning Test Prop every 3 days would yield fine results.

As far as Anavar… I suppose I’ve got the wrong substance listed. I’m going to clarify once I communicate with partner. These guys are not uneducated and they are not wrong… If anything I’ve miss represented the information… and that’s not any reflection upon them.

I do want to state that we use a chemistry graduate with a masters degree in his field… This is done to protect the integrity of many of the competitors reputation… incase some issue were to ever come up. He is the one who is responsible for the different substances we have… Many of them live off corporate sponsorships… These guys haven’t paid for their own protein for the last 15 years.

Eatsleeplift… Please never post on any of my pages again… You were not helpful in any means and your not the type of individual I would ever associate with… I want you to know that I’ve been training natural and my physique blows yours away… So enjoy your own life… and live with your own personality… just don’t bring it around me.

Yogi thank you for answering my post with a genuine response… Right or wrong my first post might have demonstrated false information… Despite this you were willing to approach the thread with consideration… I think T-Nation benefits from members like yourself and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it… especially contrasted to eatsleeplift…

Let’s see some pictures bud. No need to get all sensative but anyone advising you to inject prop twice a week is stupid plain and simple. All I did was state the obvious, I couldn’t care less what your physique looks like compared to mine, I am trying to be better than who I was yesterday I don’t give a fuck about you lol, but post up some photos if you want

And I don’t know who this eatsleeplift guy is but he sure sounds like an asshole