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Are My Biceps Getting Shorter?


Hi guys,

I have been working out for about half a year now and just found out about the influence of genetics.
I first noticed that I have a 3-finger-gap in between my bicep and my forearm.

Last month I got a wrist injury and have been doing hammer curls for a while, but the gap is starting to look bigger, is this even possible?

Thanks for reading,




Hey man,

Thanks for the quick response.

Yeah I’m probably overthinking it, I’m just already kind of insecure about my biceps.
I just wanted to know if it’s even possible or if I am just imagining it?



It does happen, could switch to incline curl variations and really focus on stretch and mmc at lower bicep.
But as Bulldog alluded to, its a moot point for beginners -just focus on substantial overall gains. Also IMO triceps is what makes the arms


Are you getting a full range of motion and opening your elbow joint all the way? If not, you could actually be neglecting your lower biceps and causing that gap to get bigger.
Different movements target different parts of your muscle (hammer curls actually target your lower biceps), so effects like that are entirely possible.
However that may not be the case with yourself. Maybe the muscles on the back of your forearm have gotten slightly smaller from less use, accentuating that gap you’re describing.


Some guys even have two different shaped biceps due to genetics. If they don’t stress about it, you shouldn’t.

Out of curiosity, what’s your height, weight, and general bodyfat level?

You’re almost definitely seeing a “problem” that isn’t really there, unless your wrist injury also resulted in a torn bicep (which there’d be no confusion about. That’s a big deal and not something you’d not-notice). Biceps “gap” can change based on the supination/pronation of hand when you flex:


First of all, can someone show me where the “lower biceps” are? If you are confusing stress on the biceps tendon with the actual bicep, you are going to have really bad time when you inevitably do some damage to it.

Second, look at how the fibers of both bicep heads run almost parallel as opposed to the brachialis and the different heads of the triceps. There is no way you can make any noticeable difference by trying to hit one head over the other.


Author took time and effort to make his post presentable. Impressed!


Thanks everyone for responding.

As I’m reading the comments I realize that it’s probably just my imagination.
My wrist injury could have resulted in a small overall decrease of size in bicep and forearm which made it look like my bicep was getting shorter.

I appreciate all the responses and Ian definitely going to use your advice.


P.s @Chris_Colucci my weight is 198 lbs and height is 6’6". I have no idea of my body fat, but I could definitely be leaner :slight_smile:


Dude, nobody your size has muscular arms. It has nothing to do with exercise choice or technique or even genetics necessarily. It’s basic surface area. You’re super-tall and relatively skinny (or skinny-fat, whatever). Any biceps “gap” will pretty much disappear with basic muscle growth.

Lee Boyce has a bunch of articles with tips for taller lifters, since your leverages are different and standard training rules don’t apply. How to Build Mass is one of them, 10 Training Tricks is another, but he has a bunch.


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Could be your arms are getting longer?


For clarification are you referring to the Brachialis?