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Are My Benching Days Done?


well, i'm not really sure how to put this without sounding dumb, but i'll give it a go.I'm 49 been weight training for 6 yrs.I blew out my right shoulder(non gym related)about 18 months ago.2 rotator cuffs surgerys, plus i laberium surgery.now my benching has never been the greatest,on best days low 3's.

Now that shoulders feeling better(no pain when benching)i know this is gonna sound strange, but the weight is just really heavy,and i'm talking low weights here.And i don't even want to talk about incline benching,that's just embaressing.now what going on here?

Are my benching days done? I really could use some advice here.Cause i'm just lost. thanks.

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Benching days are not over. I had injured shoulder, back, hip and knee injuies, non of which were from exercise. For inclines I had to go to 10 lb dumbells and restart. Tuesday evening it was 5R x 20/30/40 wt @ dumbell, followed by 13R x50/50’s and a 15R x 50’s. At my age if I ever get to 3 sets of 20R with the 50lb db’s I will be happy. Maybe if I was only 49 I’d aim higher…I just do not want to be laid up again.


[quote]toejam wrote:

Are my benching days done? I really could use some advice here.Cause i’m just lost. thanks.[/quote]

At our age it’s always something.
Be patient
Go slow
Listen to your body

You’ll come back and best your bests


I have to concur with Bagger. Coming back from rotator cuff is hard but very possible. I suggest doing A LOT of rotator cuff exercises. Get that shoulder strong again, and you should see positive results.

Good luck on your road to a big bench; It’s only begun.


At this stage of the game we are battling natural muscle loose. An injury can compound that, making recovery a much longer process.

The bonus is you were in shape. Now if you weren’t in shape at this stage you may never fully recover.

Don’t be in a hurry. It will happen faster than you imagine.


I myself have been batteling a shoulder injury. Two days ago I ran into this 64yr old guy that was built like a truck. Turns out he was a strength coach at a University and worked with Cory Everson at one point when she was in College on a track scholarship. Anyway we got to talking and I informed him of my shoulder problem.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said “We learn from injuries and when this is healed up you will be stronger than ever. Look at this as an oportunity to learn about yourself.” Holy crap did this turn my mood around. We then did some high rep light weight shoulder work. Sometimes it takes a total stranger to make us think. Soo take it slow, steady and work twards a attainable goal.


very incouraging words, and i thank you.i do lots of rc strenghing excerises that phy therp showed me,bands,etc.I do make sure my shoulders are good and warmed up before i start lifting.right now he has me doing low weights w/ high reps(well as high as i can go) but as i mentioned in my original post,my incline is just embarressing.is there some strenghing excerise i’m just missing? I mean the 8th graders are doing more than me(lol)


I too have had shoulder surgery (bankhart repair, rotator interval closure, and anterior capsular shift) not fun. Even worse was watching a 300 pound bench go down to the pink 3 pound db’s in physical therapy, which where still painful to lift. It took 2 years to get back to 135 for 5 reps, without it feeling like shit was ripping inside my shoulder. my deadlift came back much faster, within a year I was closing in on 405 again.

It takes time, a lot of what was holding my bench back is in my head and fear of re injury. Like one day 135 would feel light and a few days later I wouldn’t be able to lift it off the pins because of the pain.

Give it time, read cressey’s articles, focus on your upper back for a while, and you’ll be golden.