Are My '09 Goals Realistic?

Hey all-

here was what happend during 2008:
jan.1 08-brought my first weight set and home gym
jan.2-started lifting for first time

results: went from a 105x5 BP to a 150x5 BP
from 170x5 DL to 230x5 DL(highest weight i have; prlly can get 260/70)
from 120squat to 170 squat

Jan.1-140 lbs; Dec. 31-150lbs

Now, during 2008, i wasn’t really focused or motivated and skipped alot of workouts ex: didn’t lift most of summer

2009 GOALS:

strength: get my BP to 225x5; DL 350x5; squat 250x5
mass gain: go from 150 to around 200
fat loss: hopefully after a sucessfully mass gain diet, i can go to around 10% BF(currently have around 17%)

are these reasonible goals for 09?


The strength goals are realistic, but you may have trouble with the mass gain goal if your not over 6’. I gained over 50lbs in a year, but it was my first year, I had 8% body fat to start, and I’m 6’ 3".

Very realistic. but your squat should be more than 25 lbs stronger than your bench press.

Yeah, my squat is the weakest. Started training that the latest. Going to try to improve that big!!

Brownab-I am around 5’9, so hopefully i can at least put around 30-40lbs this year!

Hi Spacekillers,

I think that if your squat is your weakest attribute and is ‘relatively’ untrained, you should consider increasing your 2009 goal for the squat.

This is more a matter of psychology rather than physiological realism though. If you don’t think your goals could be a mental limitation I wouldn’t worry about it too much.