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Are most people wusses?

Maybe I have read too much of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, but the question comes to mind:

When it is time to be strong (take a decision, principle before emotion, etc.), why do I get the feeling most people revert to wusses (or emotional barkers or barraged behind the unpenetrable wall of self-interest before solutions/consequences) in 90% of the population?

?On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of decision, sat down to wait, and waiting died."

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”

I saw these somewhere and thought they were good enough to save.


Unfortunately I think the answer is yes. This is pretty clearly reflected in our conformist society, public relations, war campaigns, and the racism that goes on in our everday lives.


Should that 90% be indeed the case, then I understand why leaders dont give a shit` and some people will always bitch about it.

You lead or you follow.

I think it is that simple.

Its when I hear bitching/complaints in business that I tick off. There is a problem. You offer solutions. Even the one that everybody can do/use. Then that picky-nicky leader that arrives with a purely <i>cosmetic</i> reason that is, honestly, just projection of his/her own desires/personal comments which has nothing to do with the problem at hand. And since (s)hes the head honcho, everybody does like a good dog and bows to his will (read:caprices).

I don`t have too much problems with the 90% in these situations. Give them clear directives, and most are honest and will do the job as requested, if you respect them and they respect you. I expect some resistance of them to anything new. But when I see supposedly called leaders acting like power-spoiled-brats…ugh!

This topic makes me think of all the times I’ve heard of people hiding underneath tables during shooting sprees only to sit there and watch the motherfucker reload 2 or 3 times! We have TOTALLY become a nation of pussies. Whatever happened to “stand up and take it like a man”? Like TC has said in his column several times—being a man (a la testosterone) is not PC these days. Guys are supposed to be sensitive, caring and pussy-whipped. I think it’s fair to say that the revolutionaries who fought against the Brits back in the 1770’s weren’t quite the punk-ass bitches that are running around this country today. They’d roll over in their graves if they knew what the men in this country have become. In case you couldn’t tell—this subject really gets me fired up.

We have become a product of our times. We have it far to easy in every way.

Four decades ago approximately 20% of the population was overweight. Now 65% of the population suffers from that condition!

We have become a nation of softies for sure. If it feels good we do it. Dam the consequences. If you want a doughnut you eat one, neve mind the empty calories. If the girl in the next cubicle looks good to us, never mind that we are married and have children. Instant gratification is killing this country.

We look for the short term gain and end up taking a long term loss!

Maybe 90% of the population dont care enough about a particular issue to revolve their lives around for any length of time?

Listen, there are many many many things wrong with today’s world. We can do something about a few, but we also have a life. If you’re an American, chances are you lead a very hectic life. Is it any wonder we refuse to put forth any effort in dealing with an issue that only appeals to us somewhat? Of course not.

Is it wrong that a teacher in Alabama raped his student? Of course! But, am I going to bring my life to a halt, go to alabama and protest to the school because it happens? No. I would consider it if were in Connecticut in a nearby community, but not in Alabama.
There are inane things happening all the time. Truth is, we’re not built to deal with them everytime they happen.

We can BARELY handle our own lives and get to the point where we need to be, let alone get preoccupied with everything and everyone who does something wrong in the world.

Lastly, I would love to know what that bitch does for HER own causes. Does she join the military to go fight our wars? Does she protest the wars if she disagrees with them? WHAT exactly does she DO, other than point her finger at everyone while sitting behind a desk typing books away? A desk is hardly a confrontational environment my friends.

Humm…reminds me of the classic pain/pleasure brain circuits. Short-term vs long-term.

It seems indeed we also have a short-term 2-nanosecond timespan brain, if we follow what the media portrays. I suspect courts did not help at all, if not hasten, this phenomenon.

Let’s face it. If you are irresponsible, invest no effort, and still find a way to cash in on it because some stupid judge pities you, creates jurisprudence, and becomes your one-way ticket to easy money, you are wiser than the system and you will be nicely rewarded for that. I once heard that lazy people are SOMETIMES more brilliant than the average Joe.

It seems the court reward the guys with the greatest GIFT OF GAB, not strenght, valor, integrity or fairness. Should that be so, then to the best greasy-lipped silver-tongue the spoils!

Whoops! That’s the current state of affairs! Pathetic!

Survival of the ‘weaselest’.

We’re far from the founding fathers strenghts.

Some jerk once said that principles never filled his refrigerators, but selling and lying could easily do it. What’s worse is that the media tell me he was not that far off track.

Diesel’s got a point about geography. Comunication improvement has made news from the world available to everyone, not just the locals. How can you take a stand for everything? Don’t get me wrong, if you can do something you better damn well do it! I love Chris Shugart’s Atomic Dog “Be the Hammer”

Better to go down fighting for your belief than live regretting inaction.

Be the Hammer!