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Are Monthly Visits Necessary?

I’m scheduled to go see a urologist and they want me to come in monthly for $200. Is this necessary?

Whats the appt for?

A lot of endocrinologist and urologists like to micromanage TRT in fear that they will lose their medical license if prescribing testosterone without a paper trail. Some go as far as not letting patients inject themselves and make you go into the office for every injection. Depends on the doctor.

If you feel they are micromanaging you, just know there are doctors that will not do this.

Pro tip, once you are on TRT it is a lot easier to find a doctor that will treat you. I had to start with a naturopathic hormone clinic because no standard doctor would treat me. But once I started, several doctors said they would be fine continuing my treatment in their care.

This is a red flag and is a sign these doctors are scared and clueless or are in it for the money.

For less than $200 you can manage your own TRT. Unless you’re getting some other type of therapy its pointless. Cant be testing every 4 weeks either. So they justify the visit by charging you to see how much more they can charge you.

IMO, the only point of a monthly visit would be if you were at a high risk of cadiac problems or prostate cancer.