Are Jockstraps Dead?

Does anyone still wear these to workout?

NGL I picked up a pair today and they were the comfiest things I’ve ever trained in

I don’t, but now I know what a jockstrap is.

Not anymore, thanks to you.

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Advanced underwear technology has made the jockstrap unnecessary.

I think you’ll find that jockstraps still have plenty of support.


LOL :joy:

IDK man, jockstraps are unsharted territory for me… besides, jockstrap wearers are total nutcases.

As @RT_Nomad said, underwear technology has advanced a lot in recent years. My current favorite brand is by a guy named Lou C. Lastic.

I’ll see myself out

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unsharted territory fucking lmao dude

why would you wear one? at that point just wear nothing but shorts?

The same reason ladies with racks wear sports bras. If you’ve got a body part that flops around a lot, you’ll perform better at most activities without all of the flopping. Less chance of a traumatic nut shot, too.

Jock straps were required safety equipment for men’s basketball and most other contact sports when I was growing up. Jockstrap+cup was needed for baseball and plenty of other sports.

They’ve also got great airflow compared to boxer briefs.

i guess i can see for sports but for the gym it almost seems pointless. then again i don’t generally wear undergarments so i’m biased lol. closest i get is spats for bjj and thats just because i want everything in place to lessen the chance of a knee slice pass actually slicing xD

Well if you train BJJ long enough you’ll probably take a nut shot or two, but I’ve always said that a jockstrap is like a gun. It’s better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it.

i’ll have to quote you on that lol. and yeah grappling nut shots are a daily occurrence

They really shouldn’t be unless you’re in a room full of spazzes with bad coaching. I’ve gotten numerous black eyes and some uncomfortable spots for the boys a few times, but never a full-blown testicle strike.

If you’re taking nut shots on the daily I’d bring this up to your coach. In the meantime, maybe you should look into a quality jock strap.

lot of spazzes attempting knee slices at no angle whatsoever and i’ve been experimenting with open guard so it’s a recipe for disaster lol.