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Are Inverted Rows for Upper Back?


Topic as above.

Would you consider inverted rows more as an upper back exercise in the same category as DB cleans,rear delt flyes,face pulls?

Or is it more of a lat exercise such as pullups?


I am a big fan of inverted rows and yes I say they are great for the upper back. I switch between a over and underhand grip also.

I feel it in separate places in my back with the varying hand placement. The under grip will also hit the biceps and work both forearm and grip.

You should not be feeling this movement in your lats.

IMO the most similar exercise would be a strict bent over row or even a wide bar seated row.

You can’t go wrong with these as long as the form is there.

I started doing them months ago with my feet on the ground and never do it now without my body being at decline with my feet on a plyo box higher than my chest. Next prgression will be adding weights to chest to increase intensity.


Get a weighted vest if you feel the exercise is getting too light. Great upper back strength exercise as well and is easy on your spine!!!