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Are hot/spicy foods thermogenic


Just wondering if this is the case? Are there nasty side-effects to spicy stuff.

I am a spicy food eater (eat spicy dishes whenever I can)and have just started a low carb eating routine to drop some fat.

Obviously curries are off the menu but one of my favourite things at the moment is Nandos medditeranean chicken salad (greens, olives, fetta with grilled chicken on top).

Is my spicy eating going to help or hinder?

No, spicy foods alone are not thermogenic, and as long as you make smart choices they will not hinder your fat cutting progress.

Just because the food is “hot” does not mean it will make your metabolism “hot” also.

I don’t know why you couldn’t use curry when cutting carbs. Am I missing something here? I use curry on a lot of foods (eggs, meat, etc.) that are very low carb. Or do you just mean that you couldn’t have the rice or potatoes, etc?

I meant pre-made curries with rice,potatoes, thai stuff on coconut milk etc.

I guess stuff on a tomato base would be fine too but again not sure whether the fat content is excessive of what more importantly what type of fat is in those.