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Are Hips Shooting Up?

I can’t tell if this is just a breakdown in form b/c I’m at close to my max, or if my form is off to begin with. First vid is 375lbs. and second is 225lbs which I could around 10 reps. Now that I think about it, maybe my upper back isn’t tight enough, or my chest should start higher. I really don’t know. Hence the post.

You are taking way too much time, get full breath of air and get down in position and pull it, stop messing around with your positioning. And read this.

This is a biceps tear waiting to happen. Dont do that little bounce at the start, at least not with the elbow bend.

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When you pull the slack out do it with your lats as you get tight not your arms

What’s with the weird bouncing you look you’re about to have a siezure

And don’t jerk your body like that it looks like you’re going to break yourself

My honest opinion your form is terrible at best. Back needs to be tighter. Get rid of the jerk off the floor. get your shins a bit more horizontal if you can and You have a weird hitch halfway through the 375 pull. Then dont slide the bar onto your knee cap on the way down. So many injuries waiting to happen. if you still pull this way though after all the tips you got. I just ask that you record it for us to watch. I think you need to start over at 1 plate. 225 seems too much for you

Didn’t mean to be that harsh. Saw your the one I was talking to about hips on bench. Drop the weight and get the form down

I’ll give you my form is weird and needs work, but it wasn’t a hitch. The bar catches my shorts, but at best it grazes my legs and in no way was the bar being supported by my legs. For all my shortcomings, that lift should count in a meet.

I mean, hey, it could be worse…

Back is rounded on initial pull. Chest is down. Hips are up. Bar too far away. Leaning ahead. Finished lift on your tip-toes.

You DESPERATELY need to keep the weight much much lower and pull good reps. I highly recommend watching a video or two of Mark Rippetoe’s set up for deadlifting.

And stop jerking the weight. Nothing will get you looser than that. You zap any kind of energy and tension you have to make a good pull. Again, start with very light weight. Based on the 225x3 I watched, you need to stay around 135-185 for sets of 5 until you get the hang of the technique.

Keep trying…all you can do is get better from here on.


Don’t try to initiate the pull off the floor with your arms and back. Think of your arms as long hooks that do nothing but hold onto the bar. Drive your feet into the floor and bring your hips forward as you rise.

I think you need to work on some hamstring flexibility, It seems like you can’t get your back into a neutral position