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Are Grow! Bars in Canada?

Hey Guys,

I have been looking for the new Grow! Bar in Canada somewhere. Has anyone found a place?

Thanks Guys

I think they are only available through T-Nation.

But, I only live close to Canada.

Anyone have any info??

I order mine from Biotest.

[quote]David Barr wrote:
I order mine from Biotest.[/quote]

What about border taxes, shipping fees and the like? Don’t they bring up the price a lot, or is there shipping accomodations?

I was also wondering about this (actually, Grow! powder). Anyone know if it is sold to stores in Canada?

In my neck of the woods (Barrie, near Toronto), the local SND (Sport Nutrition Depot) sells the following:

2lb Low-Carb Grow! = $49.99
Power Drive = $29.99
Surge = $44.99
ZMA = $28.99
TRIBEX = $39.99
Alpha Male = $79.99
Spike = $67.99
M = $39.99
Reg Strgth HOT-ROX = $69.99

As you can see the prices suck! Biotest, if you’re listening, make shipping cheaper!

Well when I receive my Grow! and Grow! bars I normally don’t have a custom’s fee/taxes. Oddly on some shipment I do have to pay a small fee. It hasn’t exceeded 17$ so far, and that was for 3 tubs of Low-Carb Grow!, 1 bottle of HOT-ROX, 2 tubs of Power Drive, 1 box of Grow! bars and 1 bottle of Spike.