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Are Goodmornings Not for Me?


Ok, so I've injured my groin while squatting, so I'm taking a break from squats, deadlifts, and lunges until it heals...it might be a couple of weeks. I watched the so you think you can squat videos and I'll take some videos of my squat and post to check if my form is good.

What are my options for working my legs? I did RDLs and good mornings today. The RDLs felt good (no use of the groin involved), but the good mornings gave me some back tightness. How can I do the good morning safely? Or alternatively, given that I do have chronic back tightness (If I do back extensions I'll be in severe pain) perhaps this is not a good exercise for me.

I tried doing natural glute ham raises today, but I can't even do one. I guess I'll have to resort to RDLs and machines to work my legs? (I generally don't like using the machines, but I might have to in this case). I abhore step-ups, but I guess that's an option too.

There's no need to respond to this post with the usual 'use a foam roll' Yes, I use a foam roll and an ABS pipe, but my groin is sensitive right now and just needs to heal on its own. Additionally, foam rolling doesn't just make chronic back problems go away.


If you can't do a single natural GHR then is it possible to try one with some assistance? Bands or even giving yourself a slight push off the ground to get started.


You probably need to attack your glutes with a LAX ball to address the back tightness. Especially the area between the illiac crest and greater trochanter.

As a risk mitigation technique, try doing GMs to pins. Try not to crash into the pins on the way down and then pause there for a half-second or more before firing back up. If your back, glutes, hammies, and calves are in good condition and you're sitting way back into your GMs then there should be no issues.


Good idea, I'll do the LAX ball thing.
Ok, I'll try GMs to pins. After GMs yesterday, this is the first time my hamstrings are sore. It feels great!


So for GMs my chest should clearly be pushed out, but should my lower back be arched or flat?


My opinion is that you should keep your low back in a neutral position. You can set the pins low enough (below navel) so that you have to lose upper back arch to make depth. This works best with the SSB and totally destroys the mid back and abs. A higher-than-navel pin height is good for hip work, and a navel height (deep, but not so deep as to lose upper back arch) is a good compromise.


So I'm starting a regime of LAX ball/ the stick work. Thanks for the suggestion. I get immediate relief, but it goes right back to how how it was before, maybe even tighter, after 5 min. I'm guessing my muscles need some time to let go of years of tension. I'll look for improvements over a long period of time.

Any suggestions for tight obliques?


You know, as they never fail to mention in yoga classes, 'the jaw and hips are intimately related'. My jaw actually feels more relaxed today after the LAX ball hip work. Cool.


when i see some of the ladies in yoga class' hips my jaw does tend to drop


Might need to explore other areas. When I can't get something to let go it's usually because I'm not working the right spot (or something is injured). Maybe your body is tightening up to protect the groin?

If things really aren't loosening up, I will occasionally roll the bottoms of my feet, followed by the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and erectors. Tight arches and tight calves can really jack up my whole posterior chain.


Groin issues can linger, so hopefully you are only out for two weeks. I had a groin pull and was out for months.

I discovered one-leg deadlifts on my search for something to do that didn't use my groin. It developed my hamstrings and I think it made my calves bigger. I definitely have better balance.

The first press I was able to do was the leg press with the feet close together. If you keep the knees close, you may be able to press a decent weight right now.


I tried one-legged deadlifts last week...I wasn't able to use a lot of weight because of the balance issue, but this gets better over time???


hmmm....I wonder if barefoot would help with these guys


Reverse Hypers? find yourself a back extension seat, use it the wrong way and strap weight on your feet.
A small elastic mat prevents your balls from getting crushed.