Are GNC Vitapaks Worth The Money?

Hey guys,

I recently saw that GNC offers what they call Vitapaks. For those of you who don’t know, they’re basically a pre-packaged pack of different vitamins to take everyday. There is a months supply in each box. I was thinking that this might be a good way to start motivating myself to take multi-vitamins everyday and maybe get in a few extra supplements as well. They’re $50 without a GNC Gold card and $40 with one.

The one I am looking at getting in the Men’s Sport one which comes with a daily serving of their Men’s Mega Men Sport multivitamin, a l-glutamine, energy supplement and a l-arginine supplement. I’m not sure if I can post a direct link to their product on here or not, but you can check it out for yourself on their website and it offers a label of what is in each serving.

I was wondering what you guys thought of this nice little package. I am just a moderate lifter who runs and lifts several times a week to stay in shape and build muscle for a better physique. Any comments, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

i would buy Superfood before I bought that.

just my .02

As in Biotest Superfood? After doing a search and reading the article it sounds pretty interesting and is about the same as the Vitapaks with a GNC Gold card.

One thing I did notice that the GNC Vitapaks have is l-arginine and l-glutamine supplements included as well and their Mega Men’s Sport Multivitamin has BCAA included in it’s formula, does Biotest Superfood included these things? What other benefits does Superfood have over the GNC product?

Are there any other similar universal supplements out there? I am a college student on a limited income and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month on different types of supplements, so if I could find one that was relatively cheap (I’m looking under $50) that could provide me with some essentials, that would be great.

If you hurry, you can buy 2 Superfood and get 1 free.

I believe the special ends tonight.

I would love to buy some Superfood, but I’m kind of caught in the middle. While I get the benefit of actual nutrients from real food with Superfood, I get more than just vitamins with the GNC Vitapak.

My biggest concern is that Superfood seems to just be some convenient antioxidant powder. What is the breakdown of vitamins present in Superfood…does anyone know?

I’d much rather use Superfood than vitapacks or any other GNC product.

You’re getting the micronutrients that you’d otherwise get in everything listed on it’s label.

Besides, I doubt you’re getting an efficacious dose of any amino acid in the vitapacks.

Even if I thought the products were comparable, which I don’t, I’d still hate to give my money to GNC. I don’t trust anything they make.