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Are Fruits Good?

Are apples and bananas good to eat?


Fruit=nature's candy

I hope you've learned something from this.


Please, Lord...tell me he's kidding.


I ate a banana yesterday and when I woke up this morning my penis had fallen off. I would stay the hell away from that shit.


That's why you only eat .9 banana.


honestly are all fruits bad? Ive started to really like bananas and apples


They are quite tasty, but eating them might turn you into a complete and total bonehead.


I was actually planning on eating two serves of banana (1.8 bananas total) but stuffed up and ate one meal of 1 banana and another of 0.8 of a banana.


If you want a remotely serious answer, check out the attached link.


May be a useful starting point for you to get some idea about diets and nutrition in general.




They are ok, but the 'missionary position' of fruits. Also eat, blueberries, rhubarb, grapes,pineapple,mango, strawberries etc etc.

Dunno is Rhubarb is popular in the states, its an Asian plant originally, but it kicks ass.


I remember growing up and being fed Rhubarb as a kid either in pies or with custard. It is now the only food that I will not eat.


Are fruits good? you betcha. the non talking kind!


Oh my gosh, what a question.His parents should of taught him the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.


Doesn't this question belong in the "I don't even qualify for a beginner's forum"?

What do you mean bad? Yes, fruits will kill you. Are you kidding me with this question? Seriously?


Mamma said fruits are the DEVIL!


Lots of people have this misconception. My neighbour told me her friends are always lecturing her for eating fruit because it contains sugar. I think it has to do with Atkins or something.


Well, they do have a point. If fat loss is the goal eating a fruit salad for lunch and an apple as a snack isn't the optimal way to go about it.

Yes, though fruits are very healthy.


This is currently an issue in New Zealand.


Proposals by trans-Tasman regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand could prevent certain fruits from being legally classified as healthy.

...the amount of sugar will be taken into account. This would mean apples, pears and most stonefruit will be disqualified from health claims because their natural sugar levels exceed 16g per serving.


Sugar doesn't make you fat.

Eating too much (of anything) does.