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Are Florida Clinics Legal?


It is illegal in the US to be prescribed TRT, without visit to the doctors office, or is it a state to state issue.....thanks


From what I've gathered from Bigger Faster Stronger, it is kind of sketchy the way they have that set up...basically you go to a local osteopath or chiropractor or somebody, they examine you, and then you get the script from some doctor you've never heard of...so the one you see in person is basically acting as a proxy...

I would steer clear of it because these are really just steroid distribution clinics, and your qaulity of care will probably be low...

Have you still not had any luck finding a good doc to work with you?


thanks vtballa for the info, i did find a doc in fl. i have to go there and be seen,i also found a doc in fl like the one you mentioned in you post, but i'm afraid its not legal in my state


eh its probably the doc taking on all the risk--I cant see them going after the patient in such a scenario...but youre probably making the right decision


I completely dissagree. I've been using one myself for over 2yrs. now and its the best treatment that I've ever recieved. They have been the only ones that have treated my symptoms and not a stupid lab range normal. By the way its all steroids even what your doing bud its only bad if you yourself choose to abuse it.


So you have face to face meetings with the doctor that actually writes your script?


What does that matter? I have a local Dr. that works with us. We all 3 discuss what is going on and whats being done. My local was man enough to admit he knew little about the treatment other than T alone and is willing to learn something new. Bottom line they are providing proper safe treatment leagally so don't stero type something you have'nt experienced.


i was asking because i want to use the clinic in fl.,... but i don't want to be busted in my home state at another time , has anybody been hassled in any way over this type of treatment


Roger that big chief, I am glad to hear you are getting good quality care....

But you ask why it matters, well, because not every clinic is like yours and sometimes the patient has absolutely no interactions at all with the man that is writing his script...it also matters because there are some law enforcement yahoos that want to eliminate this "gray area"...


well i guess i'll go to my family doc, get a check up and fax it to the clinic , plus my blood work , and i'll be cruzin with some TRT


Well lets hope that that is not the case VT for some I know its the only way they can get the proper meds for the complete TRT/HRT system. If it comes to that I have no problem with flying or driving somewhere to meet there needs to keep my treatment.


Whatever the case, I don't see you the patient getting in any legal trouble for this...you have a valid prescription. The onus is not on you. If anything it is malpractice on the physician's part and he/she would be the one to go down. It's up to you, but I wouldn't abstain from this route solely for legal concerns. DEA may eventually go after the docs, as they have with pain control docs, but you as the patient are doing nothing wrong.



Doctors Signed Prescriptions without Physical Exam

Authorities also learned that doctors connected with the pharmacy signed prescriptions without physical examinations.




Hello Gentlemen....I am a first time T-Nation user,(so if I sound totally lost....It's because I am). Have any of you heard of an online advertisement for a FLA. based clinic called Palm Beach Life Extension ? They will allow you to have your own labs done and with your photo I.D. and your personal doc.filling in a questionaire form about my health history and physical, plus a shit load of money....the HgH and test protocol will be sent directly to you from a lic. pharmacy.

Next big question.......I am moving close to the Canadian boarder soon ( I mean 20 mins close ) If I were to go to a pharmacy and ask for Test Enanthate and 2 points would they give it to me without a script ??? If not.....is there ANY place there where I can get small quantities for personal use...and just use it there and come back over the boarder ???
I could drive there every other day for my HgH/Hcg/and injectables. I'm NO stranger to this stuff and at age 50+ have a couple of shows under my belt from a long-long time ago !!!! sound ambitious or flat out insane ????


Do you have any solid info that such drugs are available over-the-counter in Canada? That would certainly be a surprise to me. I don't claim to know with certainty that they aren't, but I strongly doubt it.

I have read posts on other forums from individuals who claim to have legally and openly brought anabolics back from Mexico under some "personal use" exemption, but in my opinion they are either full of it or they simply got very lucky. I could find no info on the Border Patrol website that attested to what they claimed. Even if you can somehow import it under CBP's nose, (or right in front of it) you still need a valid U.S. prescription to possess it in the U.S. The mode of acquisition is kind of irrelevant when possession itself is illegal.

Not worth it in my opinion. Why not find a doc that will treat yoU?