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Are Flat Shoes Recommended for Wide Stance Squats?

is it best to wear a flat shoe for wide squats

Probably lel.

Most wide stance squatters use flats but if we look around we can find some exceptions

It is best to wear whatever shoe allows you to squat best. If you don’t know then try.

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Flat shoes for wide stance.

Can you rep 500? Then shoes aren’t going to matter much.

That’s not a very intelligent remark.


I feel one should use the “flattest shoe possible” within the confines of one’s anthropometry. Notice I said possible.

I have used chucks, adipowers, puma baskets, Safe sst’s, Nike basketball shoes, wrestling shoes and slippers. I eventually settled on Reebok Crossfit Lite TR’s.

500? Not yet

Awww, I’m sorry. Did that offend you?

No, you just sound like an idiot.


Squat more. It’ll make sense.

I’m in this for the throwdown between Chris and the guy I’ve never seen post before. Should be good

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I just sat down with popcorn.

Some people are too dumb to argue with. @jbackos is more entertaining.

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Been using chucks for 4 years and have served me well but they are pretty beat up. I was given the Reebok’s as a gift and I felt like there was too much room in the toe box and just didn’t fit right.

Today I got Sabo Deadlift 1 kicks. They felt great in the gym today. Closer the the ground and I just feel more connected to ground than in Chucks.


I actually used leather chucks. They last much longer