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Are Fish Oil Capsules Necessary If You Eat Salmon Almost Every Day?

I’m not a big fan of fish oil capsules because of the nasty fish breath afterwards that I can’t seem to get rid of even with mouthwash and mint-flavored gums. If I eat salmon almost every day (about 7oz per day and at least 5 days/week), is it necessary for me to supplement my diet w/ fish oil capsules? I do take Udos and/or flaxseed oil because I like the way Udos and/or flaxseed oil taste (I can actually chug it down just fine…no gagging).

Any thoughts on the matter?

Depends on the Salmon. If it’s farmed one it’s essentially as good for omega 3 as commercial fed beef. If it’s wild fish then it should be ok.

Why don’t you eat walnuts? They’re a very good source of EFA’S.

Thanks for your reply. I think the kind I buy is farmed. :frowning:

I love walnuts. My only downfall with them is that I eat TOO much. The reason why I find flax oil nice to take is that I don't over-take flax oil, no matter how much I can chug it down (and I can chug it down without any flavor-enhancing). But you're right! Walnuts are definitely more portable, and I may have to start eating walnuts soon.

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Hi, Stella. Restless is right. Most of what we buy in the store is farmed salmon, NOT high in Omega 3s, EPA or DHA. You’d have to fly it in from Alaska, and even then EPA/DHA content depends on the type of salmon, the time of year it was caught and where on the river and on which river it was caught. Lot of variables, huh.

If your goal is a diet high in Omega 3s, you’ll do just fine with your flaxseed oil and Udo’s choice. I’d alternate between the two. If you goal is high EPA/DHA (6g) as recommended by John Berardi and Barry Sears, then you’ll have to supplement with a fish oil that has measured amounts of EPA/DHA.

Just my quick thoughts, consider a different brand. Capsules can hide some poorly processed (i.e. rancid) product. I take my fish oil straight (i.e., liquid). For fish oil, it is remarkably not fishy. I get mine from iHerb.com, Health from the Sun, Ultra Omega 3, $6.50 a bottle. I get 6g of EPA/DHA for 50 cents a day.

Two smaller cans of sockeye salmon would do the trick. However, that’s like almost 800 calories! Hopefully Biotest’s new fat blend will be da’ bomb (and affordable?).