Are Farmers's Walk Straps Worth the Cost?

On Amazon and Rogue fitness I’ve seen traveling farmers walk straps and I wanted to ask if these seem like their worth the cost and if anyone has experience with them? Essentially, they are straps in which you wrap through the center of weight plates (typically olympic but I wonder if they’ll work for standard plates too). There is an event next year I’d like to do and I want to start using some implements. I already had fat gripz for pseudo-axel press/cleans and I can make cheap sand bags. thanks.

It’s better than nothing but the plates are in an awkward place IMO. Also consider you are likely to be picking up your bodyweight in each hand and I don’t know how well straps would deal with that (especially if they begin spinning). You also wont experience the “rocking” that you can get on farmers handles which can be off putting if it hasn’t happened to you before.

But like I said, better than nothing and almost certainly better than DBs and if you can get some practice with the real deal you’ll probably be okay.

That said, if there is a turn in your event then it’s an entirely new ball game.

Damn, I can’t even imagine how that works? You’ll probably find a home made axle is cheaper than fat gripz BTW.

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Thanks. I remember seeing a video here about getting something from a Home Depot for an axel, I’ll have to see how that works. Another idea I just had for farmers walk is using straps for dumbbell which would take the grip limitation away, yay or nay?

Unless your gym has gigantic dumbbells, I’d recommend against this. If it’s anything under 200 per hand, it would probably serve you better to build your grip.
I enjoy supra-maximal carries with straps on occasion, it’s fun to practice foot speed. But I wouldn’t make them the norm.

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7 feet of 1.9" galvanized pipe. Comes out to 2", which is a usual axle diameter. Grab some roofing clamps to use as clips and as a “stopper” like the inside of a barbell sleeve. Good to go for <$40. Would last you up till 400 lbs or so, I’d assume.

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