Are Endos Reducing what is Considered Normal T Levels?

Based on labs it appears as if I easily convert T to E2. I also had a prolactinoma removed several years ago, yet I still produce a lot of prolactin. High E2 + prolactin = low T & disappointing quality of life.

I am looking for an endo to help manage several issues and the one I saw today stated something very similar to: there are no confirm reports high levels of testosterone contribute to an increase in strength, muscle, or sex drive. There were other concerning statements, but that one bothered me. Clearly he will not be my endo!

However, talking with several endos it seems like many are ok with T level in the mid 300 range. When I started HRT 8 years ago, it seems most wanted to get to at least the upper 600s. I am curious has something changed or have I had the luck to get a string of endos that see men’s health differently?

At this point I am considering how I might afford trying an age management outfit versus traditional endos.

Did you have cancer?

No cancer.