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Are drop sets good? Or bad?

Hello all!

I am thinking about trying something along the lines of dorian yates training, and I want to incorporate triple-quadriple-and higher drop sets.

Are drop sets good , or do they just mess up with your recovery? Just going to failure doesnt cut it for me, I want the max stimulation.

Reply please! Thanks

They are pretty good, if used sparingly. One set of triple-drops will be enough every now and then.

I prefer drop-sets every so often for my delts, biceps and triceps. I’ll throw 'em in just for a “wake up call”. For legs, you can do 'em on the leg extension and leg curls. Pec dec for chest. Lat pulldowns for back. Rather difficult on the compound movements - only if you have two really good spotters, you know.

But only every once in awhile for a change of pace. It's not a regular routine.

They are really the only traing method that can recruit and fatigue virtually all muscle motor units in a muscle during a set so they are very effective but don’t need to be done all the time.

so I should use them every time for my new ultra small volume workouts right?

great! I needed to know stuff about drop sets!


Drop sets work wonders for me. I love to do them on leg day. Leg press. Stack the weight and have two spotters remove the weights. Start out with 20 half reps and then drop the weight and do 10 full reps. Do this for two or three sets and you will have some one carry you out of the gym.

Drop sets could be both good and bad. The answer to this question is recovery. Can you recover from additional sets added to your program in the form of drop sets. Well only you will really be the one to answer this, since you are the one training. If I were you I would add the additional sets at a slow pace(say 1-2 drop sets at the end of the training session for additional hypertophy) and then if you find this still is not enough volume for you, you can begin to add addtional sets.

To be done occasionally, I think, otherwise recovery & overtraining become issues. Unless, that is, you’re talking about Poliquinesque fast-twitch drop sets. Now those are cool!

what are fast twitch drop sets?

Can you please explain them to me?


For bodybuilding, dropsets tend to work well for ‘light’ exercises (eg. dumbell lateral raises, lying db extensions, etc). Just don’t try to do them on the big heavy exercises, a few dropsets of squats will fry your CNS for a while.

For heavy movements I will do rest pause singles.

But for leg extensions, db shoulder press, laterals, and pec deck I will do drop sets.

welcome to the pain!

use them sparingly, watch the volume though, they drain the system a lot and you need to increase recovery time. laters pk