Are Doctors Just Pu**ies?

Now, I know most of you are not doctors and do not have any medical experience, but I am looking for other opinions on my scenario… Long story short, I am 26 years old and Saturday December 30th my heart stopped and I collapsed. I don’t use any drugs and this was kind of a freak accident. After arriving at the hospital my heart beat went to zero again… Now other than my heart beat going slow I feel like a champ.

The doctor was not able to diagnose my issue, and he insisted that I have an insertable heart monitor put in. So I now have a heart loop recorder in my chest that records my heart beats. Now other than the cut I have felt fine. The other kicker of this stupid thing is that the doctor insist that I stop all training what so ever and do not supplement. I am allowed to walk… I dont want to just walk, I’m not 80 I want to continue to get stronger.

I have came a long way in my lifting and I am no wanting to lose all my hard work. Would you go against doctors advice and come back slow or give up your training and do what you are told? My family doesn’t train, most my friends dont train, and doctors aren’t about powerlifting… I need some input from people who have a passion about training and havent thought about life with no training.

I’m sure that not being allowed to train must be very frustrating. On the other hand, your experience is not something you should just ignore.

Did you see only one doctor or you heard few doctors’ opinions?

I think people who are not doctors shouldn’t advice you about something like this.
I would certainly give myself time, see what happens to my health, look for other doctors’ opinions, and then decide if training is worth risking life.

I would listen to your doc. Yes you may lose some strength gains but you have years left to train. Besides that, your life or anyone’s does not depend on you going to the gym. Your heart stopping isn’t just some injury you can work around. I’m not going to give you the life is precious BS but I was in the Marines (0311/0317) from 04-09 and deployed 3x,so I have a different outlook on life/death. Good luck to you.

I guess, the doctors advice is not what I wanted to hear.

A lot of people who lift weights do not like to listen to doctors’ advice because it seems too conservative for them. Doctors are not pussies. When they give out medical advice they must make sure they stay stay on the safe side to prevent further injury. Since they are liscensed doctors giving out offical medical advice, they can (and have been) held liable if someone gets reinjured while following their advice. This is why a doctor may tell you to stay off your feet for month for just a sprained ankle.

For your individual story, you should probably take a step back and realize the seriousness of the situation. Your fucking heart stopped. Do you realize how close you came to death? If my heart stopped right now, I would die. There is not a hospital close enough (15 mins away = 1 dead Chris87).

Don’t lift. Don’t run. Listen to your doctor. Fix your fucking heart before you go do something stupid. You say you are “not wanting to lose all my hard work”. Where do you think all that hard work will go if your heart stops while you are lifting? Unless there’s a hospital down the street or an ambulance in the parking lot of the gym, there’s a very good chance you will die.

Also, in general, listen to what a doctor says. They have dedicaded their lives to study medicine, you did not.

Let me get this right: Your heart stopped several days ago and your main concern is keeping your lifting gains? I don’t think your doctor is a pussy, I think you’re being an idiot. Do what the doctor says and get your health under control. Who cares if you have 18 inch arms if you’re setting yourself to be in a funeral casket…

And get a second (or third, fourth, fifth opinion, etc) from as many doctors you can. If this happens again, get yourself to Mayo clinic.

Whatever kills you makes you stronger.

Sorry I took so long to get back, but I received two more opinions and changed my primary care provider to a sports science doctor who actually understands cardiovascular more than what he read in a book. I actually had my staples removed this morning and I was given an ok to return to light training as long as my heart rate does not exceed 175 bpm I am fine. (shouldn’t be an issue)

I am currently visiting two different doctors and both cleared me for physical activity and light training. after three months of this evaluation they will determine if the monitor is necessary for a long period of time or if I can have it out in under a year. Some of the best news ever. I hate being pampered and looked down upon as helpless. Even better news is that I can now actually take my daughters sleigh riding today!