Are Daily Injections Best? Cyp Turning to Gel Overnight in Refrigerator

I currently use T cyp at 20mgs per day, injected subcutaneously in the lower abdomen for TRT purposes… I used to take one shot of 250 every 10 days but was advised by Andrew Huberman to do it this way…

Two things.

  1. Is this the best way to optimise and mimick how nature behaves?

  2. The Cyp appears to be oxidising overnight in the syringe, going from liquid to a gel-like substance that doesn’t appear to convert back even at room temperature for hours?

I am at a loss to understand why this is, as the first three vials didn’t do this?

Any input and advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

The majority of guys on TRT through their PCPs, urologist, or endocrinologist use twice monthly injections, or topical applications. The majority of guys using TRT practices inject once weekly. Some inject more frequently. You can always experiment if you are not happy with whatever you are currently doing. Do you feel better doing 20mg daily, or 250mgevery ten days? What does your doctor say?

Testosterone should not be refrigerated. Store at room temperature.


Appreciate the response. I believe keeping it in the fridge may have caused the issue. I was recently told that every day or EOD is far more rewarding and mimicks closer the bodies way of releasing Test than once every 10days with 250mgs?

I have not spoken with a doctor. I studied androgens and their use in college and have kept abreast of their use for Performance enhancement and TRT… I only recently, however, discovered the theory that subcutaneous is superior to IM?? What are your thoughts on this?

And what would be your preferred method of delivery of 250mgs of Cyp over a 10 day period?

Hi there. Are you using Cyp or another form and are you an IM or sub C user? I presume around 25mgs per day? How do you store your a/s I am having issues with transferring the content of the individual vials into the syringe and keeping it refrigerated for daily use.

I lost two vials recently when they both became gel like in the syringe overnight?

Any help greatly appreciated as I have recently swapped from one 250mg shot every ten days, to 22mgs every day? (SUB C)
Many thanks.

dbossa is banned. IIRC, he did IM shots. Don’t store your Test in the fridge. It has the potential to crash if you do so. Usually, you can reheat it and get it back, but it’s better just not to put it in the fridge to start with.

If you use 27 gauge, you don’t need to pre fill. They will fill up in 10 seconds with the volume you are using. 28, 29 and 30 gauge have a lot smaller inner diameter, compared to the 27 gauge. The outside diameter is only slightly bigger with the 27 though (thinner walls).


Thank you… What is your advice for frequency of shots? and also, is IM better than Sub C or vice versa… I am new here, so looking around the site for advice on this.

If using Test E or C, most will max out the gains from more frequency at EOD. Every day is fine, but it likely isn’t necessary for everyone. I do 50 mg EOD of Test E. More frequency usually is better for E2 levels, and stability of Test levels, but some do seem to like the up and down feeling of less frequency. There isn’t a one size fits all IMO.

IM seems to be preferred. There was a study that said SubQ resulted in better levels, but it was heavily flawed (the SubQ group pinned 2X a week, and the IM once per week). Most anecdotal reports seem to indicate a faster release with IM, and overall higher levels.

I just use 1/2 27 gauge insulin needles. Lately I have been pinning the sides of my lats, and it is the best spot I have found. Not one painful injection yet. Delts are pretty good, but they hurt for the first month, and I do get an occasional painful shot. You may need a longer needle than I do if you are carrying more fat than I am.

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There is no one size fits all approach to TRT, I didn’t feel good on SQ, IM is better for me.

I get significantly higher levels with IM at the same dose.

SubQ for years. My highest levels on any test @ 140mg per week in divided doses were:
757 - total
387 - bioavailalbe
130 - free

Same dose done IM was:
936 - total
414 - bioavailable
201 - free

These were all quest tests through my doc. I did my own labcorp test a little later to verify the increase in levels. Much higher levels than I had ever registered at that dose with labcorp testing as well. Higher than when I was doing slightly more test, and still using HCG.

I’ve since dropped my dose to 120 per week in divided doses and will probably still be above my baseline SubQ numbers.


With cypionate, probably as close as you can get to daily release. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessary; the ester is attached to prolong action, but if you feel better with more injections, go for it. Probably won’t hurt you. As for IM vs SQ, I tried both and feel better IM (better labs too), but would rather not pin deep IM daily. So if you do daily, maybe stick to SQ. If you go to 2 or 3 times weekly, try IM.

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1/2” needle 28-30 gauge works well in the Ventroglute.

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Is that large enough to be considered an IM shot? Is it deeper the better with IM?

Do you have a fav spot to IM??? Is it necessary to go deep with IM or will a 25 gauge do fine? I contemplate that question. If the needle is only 1/2 inch to 1 inch, is it going deep enough??

I’m actually starting to think that daily injections on longer esters (C and E) isn’t necessarily optimal.
Being at the top of the T range 24/7 might not be great for dopamine; it’s possible we have natural fluctuations because our brain needs a break on a regular basis.
Nothing is really constant in human physiology.

My next experiment with Test will be with the compounded cream and Test Prop to see if I can get a little more fluctuation daily.


Would adding 10mgs ED of Dianabol still be considered TRT, or does that now become a light cycle? What would be the for and against… My goal is to optimise my muscularity and strength… Currently 90kgs. 10% body fat with a good degree of muscle size and density.( Former competitor) I am now 56.

Personally I don’t care much for the semantics of what consitutes TRT, or semantics in general.

I’m in this to find my version of the optimal ratio of performance to longevity. What people want to call it doesn’t matter. I’m only interested in what it’ll do for me (and against me).

I don’t think I’d be comfortable running Dbol at 10 mg/day on top of TRT levels of Test “forever”.
There’s a few things I would try before that.

I’m seeing very good results right now with around 2 iu/day of pharma GH. Getting much learner, much better mind/body connection and getting stronger for sure.

If I can’t get what I want from 125 mg/week Test C + 2 iu/day GH, I might add a little bit of Anavar or Primo here and there, but probably not running them permanently. From everything I’ve read though, Primo would be by far the safest AAS you could run for extended periods of time, so I’d go with that personally.

It’s more expensive but health is literally priceless (for probably at least another 50-100 years), always keep that in mind

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I do not believe that is accurate. While sq will absorb as well as IM, for the most part, it is not superior.

Most will do well with 180mg per week. For those that seem to run down towards the end of their week, 80mg every 3.5 days.

Sorry mate but starting to think is not the same as fact. Im a Test C, daily injection guy and its been like that for almost two years. Im not in any kind of overload state and I dont suffer from anything. Dick is harder than ever, sleep is great, mood is better than the previous 10 years, and libido is a daily reminder of how awesome it is to be a man. Everyone is different and there’s a no cookie cutter approach. The folks who feel or think that something is not best are not working with facts or proof. I may think twice a week doesnt work well, but thousands of men swear by it. So let the OP figure out what works for him.

1/2” needle is deep enough to reach the muscle in the Delts, and VG. Its been proven. Derma and fat is not over 1/2” thick before you start to analyze and hypothesize about things you havent yet experimented with. To be clear its called Shallow IM, so that there’s no confusion about what you’re doing. 25g needles gets tiresome after a month, so go ahead and harpoon yourself. Many of us have been using 29g 1/2” needles for a long time, so the anecdotal evidence is there for you to follow, or not. Otherwise there would be no symptom resolution. Its your choice. I was once not sure too, so I’ve learned via trial and error, only to realize that others here were right about needle size, and its efficacy. Ciao!

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Thats not TRT. I thought you were in your 30s since you dont sound like you have much experience running cycles. Go to the Pharma section for that kind of advice. In order to understand this stuff you should be aware of the fact that skin, fat, and muscle have different absorption rates. IM is superior to skin and subq. Why? Because muscle has a better absorption rate. Simple. The subq guys simply dont like to jab themselves, so they look for ways to get out of it. The muscle can hold more oil than fat and the chances of getting pip or an abscess increases with oil resting closer to the skin.

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Appreciate your time and advice… Question… How long is it advisable to store a 250 shot in the syringe once pulled from the vial? Is there an expiry, or chance of oxidizing once transferred from sealed glass vial to plastic syringe? Thanks in advance.