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Are Chicken Wings Okay?

is it ok to eat chicken wings? fried in vegatable oil? i work at a wing place and eat them sometimees, but no more than five with a grilled chix breast and lettuce with avocado. they should only have about 10-12 grams of fat, but 28 p of protein. sticking to fat and protein and away from carbs is good though right for cutting?

either that or some time italian beef. it has abou 28 g proetin with 4 g fat for every 3 oncues with 170 calories

They’re good at Wingstop,and if ordered hot at Hooters they are also good.Hooters mild,however,is merely okay.

Very few foods are inherently good or bad. As a beginner, you probably shouldn’t make chicken wings the staple of your diet. However, having them once or twice a week, especially a few hours after training when the focus is just getting as many calories in as possible… they can be fine.

When it comes down to it, everything is basically just carbs, protein and fat. Manage that and you’re good.

Lots of saturated fat and cholesterol for such little things. Not healthy, but they will not instantly kill you or anything.

Are you bulking, maintaining, or cutting? What you eat should be determined by what your goals are.

For general health, if you are getting in the right amounts of macro/micro nutrients and >300mg cholesterol, you can fit anything into a diet and still be healthy.

Theres nothing wrong with chicken or vegitable oil.

well i’ve bulked up a little and want to cut now. how about the beef? the wings are only fat and proetin. and thats what i should be eating to cut right?