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Are Brass Knuckles Illegal in Idaho?


Idaho? I just got my Concealed Weapons License, and understand that it is not limited to firearms alone. Here is the source:

It says that "A concealed weapon includes any dirk, dirk knife, bowie knife, dagger, pistol, revolver or any other deadly or dangerous weapon." So...does "any other dangerous weapon" include a switchblade or brass knuckles?

I've done countless google searches to no avail, absorbing contradicting information all along the way. If any of yall have any insight, thanks in advance!



If this is actually a serious post then I'd recommend the following three-step analysis:

1.) Would you feel within your rights to carry a switchblade or brass knuckles on your person if you DIDN'T have a concealed carry license?

2.) If you answered no to the first question, did you answer no because those weapons would be illegal under current law for being "deadly or dangerous weapons"?

3.) If you answered yes to the second question, then as "deadly or dangerous weapons," don't you think they'd fall into the catchall language in the definition of a concealed weapon?

Common sense prevails yet again.


Many things can be considered a "deadly or dangerous weapon." Call your local police department. They'll tell you exactly what that means.


I would guess "any other deadly or dangerous weapon" covers brass knuckles, but state laws are always open to the interpretation of a judge.

If I were you, I would contact the attorney generals office.


I would recommend sending via e-mail, that way you have a reply from them to keep in your records.


Good call. That's smart.


Wow this a great thread I really want to know as well.I live in washington and have a CWP and never even thought it might apply to other weapons.


It was intended to be a serious post. Was yours?

1) No, I wouldn't feel it right to carry a switchblade or brass knuckles if I didn't get a concealed carry license, hence the reason I took the steps to get a license.

2) I answered no because I am unaware of the specific laws concerning brass knuckles in Idaho. I just can't find it on any government website concerning the legality thereof.

I will most likely end up making a phone call or two. I just began this thread on the off chance somebody could answer my question with some form of citation.

EDIT: I mostly got the license so I could carry around my .38...I just enjoy options :wink:


Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


Believe it or not, but they might not know. A local police officer told me that in Pa. what is and isn't is pretty vague. and open to interpretation.

IMO, don't carry these kinds of weapon, carry a gun.


Just wear steel toe boots.


So, you Americans can't go outside without some sort of weapon to not shit your pants?


Go back to eating rotten fish. It's better to have and not need than need and not have.

Cogite, ergo armatum sum!


If you feel the need to constantly be armed with a firearm for your own safety, you're either extremely paranoid, or you need to move to another part of the town.




I don't know for sure. Brass knuckles are a weapon for thugs. If you have a CWP you are doing the right thing. If you want to carry a backup, carry another pistol or a folding knife. Regardless what you carry get some training.

Brass knuckles are a weapon of surprise. You got one shot to make contact. Chances are you are going to throw a haymaker with it. Miss and you are fucked. Get arrested after laying somebody out with a pair of brass knuckles and their isn't a jury in the world that will acquit you, no matter how righteous the beating was.

Far better to keep you .38 in a retention position and make hits with that if the use of deadly force is justified.


Actually, that's an excellent point. Thanks :slight_smile:


Or...your swing connects and you do some serious damage to the guy's skull. So now you're standing in front of a jury trying to explain YOUR side of the story while they're watching the guy poop his pants in a wheelchair as he's drinking lunch though a straw. Good luck.

X2...Dead men tell no tales.


Let's put aside the .38 for a second. Let's pretend that the brass knuckles are legal. What if, by some random chance, i run into either multiple attackers or one attacker with a knife or a gun and I somehow win...with my brass knuckles. Wouldn't that be different than the above scenario in which a seemingly defenseless and harmless mugger attacks me with his bare hands and is assured that a jury would take his side?

In a self defense situation, nobody will attack me unless they think they can win. It's not like I would be beating up someone half my size and unarmed at that by any means.

Yes, the .38 is not only legal but I have a permit for it. Not only that but it is also a deadlier weapon than brass knuckles (most likely).

I just own a pair of the brass and really like the idea of OPTIONS. If someone from another country thinks we're paranoid for choosing to exercise our civilian rights (the 2nd Amendment), then they can kiss our big, fat, arrogant, American asses; because we really don't give a fuck.


While I don't disagree that this would be a different situation, the odds of you "winning" in one of those situations is slim. Very slim.

On top of that, what makes you think that in a robbery or other real self defense situation, you would be able to get them onto your hand in the first place?

Don't forget that things aren't like the movies. The guy isn't going to talk to you long enough to allow you time to put them on in your pocket or some shit.

And never assume you know what a jury is going to do.




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