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Are BP Meds Unproductive?


My blood pressure has been 130/80 to 140/90 for some time now, and if I gain any weight it tends to stay more towards the upper end of things. I've been looking into getting some BP meds and was thinking about something.

If your body is trying to raise its blood pressure, perhaps it is necessary for optimal blood flow (or another necessary reason?). While taking BP meds can bring your BP down to a safe level (for kidneys and lowered arterial stress), would this simultaneously hinder proper blood flow?

I know this comes to the whole point of treating the symptom and not the cause. My diet is good and I do regular cardio, and have never had a problem until gaining a significant amount of weight. This decision is more of an artificial solution while I gain more weight--sort of a give and take sort of deal. I do take AAS, but have never had a problem with BP until my weight hit about 230. If I go above 245 or so it really becomes a problem.

Anyway, I am asking if there is any inherent danger in taking BP meds to counteract a bodily process that is meant to bring proper functioning (proper blood flow?). I'd appreciate any input and a point in the right direction for literature.


I am no doctor and can't advise YOU. Personally I would not touch ANY drug unless probable death or disability were the only other alternative.


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Well, high BP is deadly...

If I want to continue to grow I need some BP augmentation.



Often, high blood pressure is caused by the body THINKING that it requires a higher BP even though it does not.

At 130 it is pretty hazy whether you need to be medicated or not. Like another poster said, it depends on what medication you're on. ATI antagonists are yet to produce a side effect, so they're probably your best bet.

But to answer your question, no. There will be no harm (at least in terms of tissue perfusion) by taking BP meds to lower you to a normal range.

But you should still get checked for cureable causes - kidney block etc.



Again, I'm no doctor, and can speak only for myself. The beginning of 2006 I was in the emergency room with blood pressure 180 something over 118. Sweating, obese and blood sugar over 500.

By the end of summer my BP was 118 over 80, I'd lost probably a foot off my waist and my blood sugar was normal 98% of the time. Not a single dose of any drug, ever. Not even aspirin. The last time I saw a doctor was in the emergency room. We don't have insurance. I had my BP taken the second time by a nurse at Sam's club for a donation, twice and I check my blood sugar myself.

I'm not saying everybody will have that situation and I had the advantage of a lot of successful previous experience with nutrition and training, but I stand by my statement. I would not touch any drug unless death or disability were the only other option.

However I do refuse to believe that I'm some kind of supernatural specimen. At least some other people can do the same.


I am not a doctor (though I have a white coat!) How well do you think you,ll lift after your first stroke?


It's no mystery why the western world is suffering a tragic crisis in the state of it's health if this is the best the medical establishment can do.


Search for BP Meds on the over 35 forum. You will find lots of info there.


As you know, high blood pressure is a side effect of androgen use. Really a tough choice...

I began doing an intense aerobic workout 6 days per week, went from 140/100 to 110/70 in a couple of months. That's way better than any meds, IMHO. Try something like that before any meds.

Remember, most docs are simply high priced whores for drug companies. They don't WANT to cure you, because then you're no longer a customer. That's why you'll never see them come up with cures for cancer, heart disease, and so on. "What profit is there in THAT?" Bastards...


Yep. The right drugs can be lifesavers when you've already put yourself in a position to need saving. I'd rather just not get there. They never end. My whole family on my mother's side are walking or horizontal testaments to the wonders of modern medicine. Follow their suicidal nutritional recommendations, get sick, take drugs, pay for their high priced lifestyles for the rest of your life.

This is of course not a universally true scenario, but it IS tragically widespread and an abomination.