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Are Beans And Lentils Good?


I started going through a cutting phase and am wondering if beans and lentils are a good source of "good carbs". I would imagine that they are pretty good as far as keeping your blood sugar steady. One thing I like to eat is black bean soup and have a chicken breast or protein shake on the side. What do you guys think?


Yes beans are AWESOME for carbs and all the micro nutrients they contain. Lonnie has gone into the Magic powers of beans several times in articles.


And they're very low on the glycemic index packed with vits/minerals and phytochemicals...


is shannon elizabeth your ex-wife?

is that why you're cutting?

no offense intended.


I'm cutting because I have bulked up to 245 and now I want to lose the fat that has accumulated. Not really sure what your comment means.


Especially pinto/black beans; not only are they an awesome source of carbohydrate, but they also offer a substantial amount of fiber, as well.