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Are BCAA's Stable In Liquid?


I use a lot of BCAA powder. I normally mix it with crystal light and drink it throughout the day. My question is, how long are they good, if thats the correct term, once they are mixed? Do they lose effectiveness in any way if I mix up a couple of bottles beforehand, sometimes being in a liquid state for up to 24 hours before being consumed?


Yup there stable, I'm pretty sure so long as they are kept in a fridge they will be fine.


Anything to back this up? I know creatine turns into creatinine when mixed, but have no idea how BCAAs behave. In fact, I asked the same question in a thread I started and got zero answer.


yep they are stable , but bad thing is that bacteries love them


You actually get your BCAA powder to mix?! Mine just sits on top of the water and gives me funny looks.


I use a product originally recommended by Berardi in one of his articles called ICE by Xtreme Formulations. Fruit punch tastes the best, I mix it in a water bottle with crystal light and it completely dissolves in a minute or so of shaking. I like to have a few bottles in the fridge premixed for convenience.



Best line ever!


Thanks for the input. I just figured that since people bothered making expensive liquid BCAAs, they must be unstable in liquids.

I guess it's just a marketing scam. Business as usual in the supp world...


best solution is BCAA powder , my Europian brother , also I love to add leucine to my BCAA , 50% BCAA and 50% leucine , something like Poliquin supplement , but cheaper

I must ask you something about taxes in Sweden if you order something , supps , from USA , did you order ?


You spelled "lose" correctly. I love you.


That's a brilliant idea. Most of the research on BCAA has indeed used leucine.

Now, pure leucine isn't necessarily cheaper than a powder with a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine. In my shop, a generic pound of the former costs more than a fancy box of the latter. But your mileage might vary...

Nope, never. I got twice royally screwed tax-wise ordering vintage t-shirts and electronics from the US, so I'm not too eager to try it with supps. I'm a poor student.

That said, Biotest products' are available through other channels for scandinavia (www.gymgrossisten.se). They have the whole catalog besides the "star" products (i.e: Metabolic Drive and Flameout).